The 20 Greatest Music-Video Cameos of All Time

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10. Zach Galifianakis in Fiona Apple’s “It’s Not About Love”

Having our favorite Hangover lip synching in bed with Apple is the best use of a beard in a music video since ZZ Top. That he’s reading the lyrics off a cheat sheet makes it even better. We’ve long loved Galifianakis, but in 2005 Apple beat us to the punch and turned what could have been an overwrought mess into a delight.

9. Shaq, Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson in Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time”

Michael Jackson  video premieres used to be prime-time events, and there was something wrong if there weren’t at least a few celebrities, baby lions and giant choreographed numbers. Do the pharaoh.

Watch on YouTube.

8. Bruce Willis in Gorillaz’ “Stylo”

Equipped with the necessary tools for being a badass (cigar, gun, bright red El Camino), Bruce Willis makes an appearance in the video for “Stylo” from the Gorillaz’ latest album, Plastic Beach. Willis is hell bent on making the CGI band members die hard, and Bruce always gets his cartoon criminals.—Amanda Croy

Watch on YouTube.

7. Joan Collins in Badly Drawn Boy’s “Pissing In The Wind”

This video opens with a bathing Joan Collins looking very sad as she sings with Damon Gough’s voice. So many things so wrong with that, or so many so right? However you see it, this video does a great job at capturing the feelings Badly Drawn Boy seems to be expressing in his music. While he plays guitar, he follows her through her home, helping her to get ready for some fancy black tie Collins event. When she looks glum, he offers her a hand or an encouraging smile. So if there’s another Dynasty reunion we can thank Badly Drawn Boy for giving her the strength to keep on keeping on.—Sean Doyle

6. The hair-metal royalty in Sam Kinison’s “Wild Thing”

It doesn’t matter that Sam Kinison destroys Chip Taylor’s song; what makes this work is the abundance of ‘80s hair-metal icons: Slash, Billy Idol, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Richie Sambora, Tommy Lee, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, along with Rodney Dangerfield and a tramped-up Jessica Hahn.

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