Eleven Lovely Tumblrs to Oogle (Because, Really, it's Too Hot Outside to Read)

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Photo via Black and WTF

If the weather where you are is anything like the weather in Paste's hometown (which is currently proving, as it does every year around this time, why it once was given the miserable nickname of "Hotlanta") then it's entirely likely that you are too heat-addled and sun-baked to hold one coherent thought in your brain for more than a few seconds. On days like this, it's best to hole up somewhere air-conditioned and limit your physical activity to whatever combination of muscle movements is required to lift an icy beverage from your table to your mouth and put it back down again. If you can manage to hold a book in your sweaty hands, then by all means, read away! But if you're looking to occupy your eye-holes with something a bit lower-impact, why not wander over to the wonderland of Tumblr? The blogging platform (which we love and use ourselves!) makes it easy for anyone to establish their own little aesthetic corner of the Internet, and fantastic image curation especially abounds. From illustrators to photographers, vintage graphic design to the finest moments of Springfield's favorite family, here are some of our favorites to oogle when it's just too hot (or too cold, or too anything) to do much else.

Sweet Home Style
A huge, inspiring and sometimes maddedning collection of photos from homes around the world, from meticulously-designed poolhouses to perfectly rumpled college dorm rooms, from verdant country estates to patchworked treehouses.

Because you've always wondered what kind of stationery your fan-letter replies to J.D. Salinger, Lead Belly or, um, Adolf Hitler would have been written on, right?

Patrick Moberg
A kinda-daily feed of illustrations by New York-based artist Patrick Moberg—notably, his uber-charming, long-legged sketches of famous folk, from John Waters to Dolly Parton.

Life Magazine
Photos old and new from the archive and current issues of Life magazine, who's been doing this image-curation thing longer than almost anyone.

Etsy's Tumblr
Don't have time to lose yourself in the endless abyss of Etsy's handmade and vintage listings? Peruse the staff's handpicked favorites instead.

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