Mobbed Up: Hip-Hop's Eight Best Posse Cuts

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The best times are always better when you’ve got friends to share them with. That’s true of almost everything, and it’s doubly, triply true of hip-hop. There’s even a specific word for getting your crew together on a song in the rap world—the posse cut, where four or more rappers trade verses in a song. Now granted, DJ Khaled has made a living by clowning on this most respectable of traditions, but that hardly means that every other posse cut is all about shrieking “We the best!” For your consideration then: the eight best posse cuts that totally aren’t by DJ Khaled.

1. Dr. Dre – “What’s the Difference”

2. DJ Marley Marl and the Juice Crew – “The Symphony”
3. Nas, GZA, Common & Mos Def – “4 Horseman of the Apocalypse”
4. T.I. – “Swagga Like Us”

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