The Roots' 10 Best Moments On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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Kirk’s Holiday Plans
Once, Fallon asked The Roots’ guitarist, “Captain” Kirk Douglas, what he was doing for his birthday. His response led to a wonderful segment called Kirk’s Holiday Plans. Watch the first, the Columbus Day edition, below.

Slow Jam The News
Every so often, Fallon will enlist his house band to help slow jam the news. In this clip, the new health care bill is the subject, and Brian Williams lends a hand. Watch as Fallon tries not to laugh when he says, “This bill’s gonna fill your doughnut hole.”

Rashida Jones – “I Love Stuffing”
In this Thanksgiving-themed segment, Jones asks to borrow The Roots to help share her love of a holiday treat.

Black Thought’s Favorite Dinosaurs
Fallon makes good use of social-networking sites—especially Twitter. He tweets like a madman, often asking for ideas or suggestions from his Twitter followers. One follower had this genius idea. Thank you, lgwgreen.

?uestions With ?uestlove
What are the questions ?uestlove harbors beneath his majestic fro? Well, they include such profound contemplations as, “Would I look good in a headband?”, “How come when it’s sunny out, weather forecasts show a picture of the sun with sunglasses on? Isn’t the sun the one thing that doesn’t need sunglasses?” and “Why don’t they call socks ‘foot-mittens’?” Awesome:

The Roots Play “What’cha Want” With The Beastie Boys
The Beastie Boys  and The Roots performing together? Thank you, sirs, may we have another?

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