The Seven Best Zombie Music Videos

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The Seven Best Zombie Music Videos

If there’s anything pop culture has prepared us for, it’s the zombie apocalypse. We’ve got two new TV shows—BBC America’s Dead Set and AMC’s The Walking Dead—to go along with a half-century of B-movies, a slew of new novels and handbooks, video games, comic books and civic Zombie Walks. But sometimes lost among that host of the undead are great zombie music videos. Here are our favorites:

7. Aesop Rock – “Coffee”
The list of six became seven when Volume_Knob pointed this one out. It features singing zombie John Darnielle from the Mountain Goats.

6. Rob Zombie – “Living Dead Girl”
Leave it to Rob to portray the zombie as the victim.

5. Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures – “Zombie A Go Go”
I always imagine that zombies’ choice of music will be rockabilly.

4. The Creepshow – “Zombies Ate Her Brain”
See—more zombie rockabilly!

3. The Mumlers – “Coffin Factory”
Nothing breaks the monotony of working in a coffin factory quite like a chorus of zombies.

2. Jonathan Coulton – “Re: Your Brains”
There are several tribute videos made under Creative Commons for Coulton’s cult classic, but the original, done World of Warcraft-style by YouTube user Mike Spiff Booth, gets our vote. This one from user foelimi, is also worth checking out.

1. Michael Jackson – “Thriller”
There really wasn’t any doubt this would take the Number 1 spot. I was 10 years old when Michael and his dancing undead first burst through through that house to get to Ola Ray in John Landis’ epic video, and I’d never seen anything like it. Plus no other video has been recreated by 1,500 Philippine prisoners.

The original:

The tribute:

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