Chills, Thrills & SPILLS: 19 Great Songs About Spilling Stuff

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Last week, I got ambitious and tried baking some cornbread from scratch for breakfast. While it was in the oven, I forgot to set the timer and ended up burning the damned thing. “Well,” I thought, “at least I’ve still got this delicious fresh-squeezed orange juice.” But when I reached for the glass I’d just hand-juiced, I clumsily knocked its contents all over the counter. Sitting there, having totally blown breakfast, a song suddenly popped in my head—Bloodkin’s “Can’t Get High”—and a particular line played over and over, as if running on a loop…

_It’s been raining for hours
I’ve been spilling my juice_

And as soon as that ended, I thought of another awesome song in which juice is spilled: “Odds and Ends” by Bob Dylan & the Band…

_You promised to love me, but what do I know
You’re always spillin’ juice on me like you got someplace to go_

And from there, my mind began to wander to other great songs in which other substances are spilled… milk, blood, wine, oil, guts, the beans. Before long, I had a king-hell playlist, and now I’m sharing it with you.

Of course, there are quite a few I left off, given that the title of this piece features the word “great” immediately preceding the word “songs.” For example, even though it claims to be “cool as a chemical spill,” Vanilla’s “Ice Ice Baby” is not on this list. Because it sucks and it’s plagiarism. But you already knew that. Alright then. Get to spillin’.

1. “Odds and Ends” – Bob Dylan & the Band
Spilled: juice. Someone seems a little careless.

You promised to love me, but what do I see
Just you comin’ and spillin’ juice over me …

You promised to love me, but what do I know
You’re always spillin’ juice on me like you got someplace to go …

From now on you’d best get on someone else
While you’re doin’ it, keep that juice to yourself

2. “Spill the Wine” – Eric Burdon & War
Spilled: the wine. Duh.

Out of the middle came a lady
She whispered in my ear something crazy
She said Spill the wine and take that pearl
Spill the wine and take that pearl …

Thought to myself what could that mean
Am I going crazy or is this just a dream
Now, wait a minute, I know I’m lying in a field of grass somewhere
So it’s all in my head, and then I heard her say one more time
Spill the wine and take that pearl, spill the wine and take that pearl…

In her hand was a bottle of wine, in the other, a glass
She poured some of the wine from the bottle into the glass
And raised it to her lips, and just before she drank it, she said
Spill the wine and take that pearl, spill the wine and take that pearl…

Listen here.

3. “Drunken Angel” – Lucinda Williams
Spilled: blood, some say singer/songwriter Blaze Foley’s.

_Blood spilled out from the hole in your heart
Over the strings of your guitar_

4. “Spilled Milk Factory” – Ugly Casanova
Spilled: milk. And lots of it.

_Mumbled had a rumble and I stumbled down the stairs
Smellin’ just like lumber but my baby don’t care
We went uptown, downtown, everywhere between
There was so much spilled milk we could’ve had a factory_

5. “Loving Cup” – The Rolling Stones
Spilled: the beans

_Yes, I am nitty gritty and my shirt’s all torn,
But I would love to spill the beans with you till dawn_

6. “Can’t Decide” – Black Flag
Spilled: emotions, guts

_Sun’s coming up and I can’t decide To spill my emotions or keep them inside
Every time I open my mouth I always wish I had kept it shut I gotta spill my guts_

7. “11:11” – Andrew Bird
Spilled: milk. By the hand of fate.

_Standing by the window
Glass of milk in his hand
What could I have done what could I have said
Broken glass spilled milk lying on the floor looking dead_

Listen here.

8. “Medication” – Son Volt
Spilled: oil, of the metaphorical variety.

_Living on medication, wanted to slow the world down
Make a break, concentrate on a different solution
Realization waves of the soon to learn
Walking oil spill_

9. “Belly Button Window” – Jimi Hendrix
Spilled: I’m pretty sure he means a fetus.

If you don’t want me this time around
Yeah, I’ll be glad to go back to spirit land
And even take a longer rest
Before comin’ down the chute again …

So if you don’t want me now, make up your mind
Give or take, you only got two-hundred days …

You know they got pills for ills, and thrills, and even spills
But I think you’re just a little too late.
So I’m comin’ down into this world, daddy
Regardless of love and hate

10. “Wonderful Scar” – Now It’s Overhead
Spilled: blood, from a tragic accident.

_When you are balancing the leaves on a backyard
tree leaning over the railing you’re standing on
All the blood that has gone to your head
disagrees with the bricks that its spilling on_

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