Five Things Apple Might Announce This Morning

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If you so much as dipped an e-toe into the interwebby waters yesterday, you know today is the day Apple promises we’ll never forget. The homepage’s announcement clearly insinuates that the proclamation deals with Apple’s iTunes service, however, the clarity ends there.

While the consensus answer is the one we’ve saved for last, it’s a little implausible and would frankly be kind of a letdown. After all, why not build up a launch like that over time, getting people psyched to spend their dollars on the big release day? Plus, who doesn’t already have countless songs from the act in question on their iTunes? Regardless, below are the five most likely rumors as to what the company could announce that might make such a drastic impact. The final word comes down at 10 a.m. ET this morning.

A New Line of iPads
Although this would be cool, we’d certainly end up eventually forgetting the day we heard about it. Next!

A New Verizon iPhone
Again, pretty exciting, but also easily forgotten—possibly as soon as a new 3D movie dropped.

iTunes Live Stream
The rumor goes that Apple plots to offer unlimited access to streaming music for a monthly fee, instead of the iTunes Store method of paying per track. Admittedly, this would be a pretty big deal.

An iTunes Cloud
“With Apple’s growing family of connected devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Macs), it only makes sense that the company would deliver a cloud-based media service to leverage its competitive advantage in the space: devices,” Analyst Greg Munster told “As part of this, the new Apple TV with limited storage, a lower price, and a focus on accessing content over the Internet would fit in nicely. Plus, it’d be mighty convenient to cue from your iTunes treasure trove from just about anywhere.

The Beatles are Coming!
The most prevailing rumor of them all: Perhaps the tightly-tangled web of copyrights have begun to relax and unravel, after all. “”>The Wall Street Journal confirms that Apple has secured the rights to the Fab Four’s discography. Billboard speculates that perhaps Apple might have finally struck a golden deal allowing them to offer the entire Beatles catalogue in the iTunes store, using the announcement’s specification word choice as evidence. After all, “tomorrow is just another day,” appeared on Paul McCartney’s song “Another Day” he penned during the Let it Be sessions.

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