The 10 Best New iPad & iPhone Apps of 2010

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The 10 Best New iPad & iPhone Apps of 2010

Earlier this week, we looked at the Best Casual Games of 2010, but the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone go much deeper than gaming and keep getting better. We’ve highlighted 10 very cool non-gaming apps for iOS that will help you appreciate the night sky, stream all your iTunes, cut your dining budget in half and turn Twitter into a nice-looking magazine.


10. Star Walk
Developer: Vito Technology, Inc.
Category: Education
Platform: iPad
Cost: $4.99
Now you can look up at the heavens and know what the hell it is you’re seeing. Star Walk identifies stars, constellations and satellites as you point your iPad up at the night sky.


9. Hipstamatic
Developer: Synthetic Infatuation
Category: Photography
Platform: iPhone
Cost: $1.99 (with in-app add-ons starting at $.99)
Hipstamatic gives your iPhone photos an old school feel with over-saturated discoloring.


8. Wired Magazine
Developer: Condé Nast Digital
Category: News
Platform: iPad
Cost: (Free with individual issues available in app for $3.99)
The best magazine app so far weighs in at 368mb for the latest issue, but Wired uses all that space well with plenty of fun extras.


7. Square
Developer: Square, Inc.
Category: Finance
Platform: All
Cost: Free
Square lets anyone take credit card payments on his or her iPhone. Square Inc. will even send you a free credit card reader via mail. PayPal who?


6. ScoutMob
Developer: Zuercher Technologies
Category: Lifestyle
Platform: All
Cost: Free
Imagine Groupon but with the deals on the coolest restaurants and boutiques in your city. And instead of paying ahead of time and printing out certificates, the deals are all immediately available on your phone, redeemable at the restaurant the night you go out to eat. If you live in Atlanta, New York or San Francisco, you don’t have to imagine, thanks to ScoutMob, and more cities are on their way.


5. mSpot Music
Developer: mSpot, Inc.
Category: Music
Platform: All
Cost: Free
You can finally stream your music from the Cloud by uploading your iTunes collection and stream it anywhere, regardless of how much storage space your iPhone has.


4. Word Lens
Developer: Quest Visual
Platform: iPhone 4
Category: Translation
Cost: Free with in-app purchases for languages
This real-time video app translates text on signs in a way that seems a lot like magic.


3. Kindle
Category: Books
Platform: All
Cost: Free (in-app book purchasing)
With a much better selection and portability than iBook, Kindle makes the iPad a legitimate option as an e-book reader.


2. Netflix
Developer:   Netflix  
Category: Entertainment
Platform: All
Cost: Free with Netflix subscription
There’s nothing revolutionary about the app’s interface, but the ability to access Netflix Instant on the iPad and iPhone has revolutionized how we watch movies and TV shows.


1. Flipboard
Developer: Flipboard, Inc.
Category: News
Platform: iPad
Cost: Free
The tablet magazine revolution might be off to a sputtering start, but Flipboard gives a magazine-like experience to some of the best websites out there (including, ahem, this one), as well as Twitter and Facebook.