The 12 Best Internet Memes and Viral Videos of 2010

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The 12 Best Internet Memes and Viral Videos of 2010

Within the past several years, we’ve seen a new cult of personality emerge: the internet celebrity. From the beloved (the “Charlie bit me” kids) to the notorious (Jessi Slaughter), no one is safe from the eyes (and tweets) of a totally wired and easily amused public. Two thousand ten was an especially banner year for memes, viral videos and lovable YouTube personalities who charmed and attention-sought their way onto the late-night talk show ciruit. Below, we salute our favourites:

12. I Hope This Gets to You/Viral Love Letter
Walter C. May and his band, The Daylights, made this video for May’s girlfriend, with the hopes that it would reach her virally, through an organic chain of tweeting and sharing and passing along. It did, and she loved it, and the world went “Awwwwww.”

11. Panda Cheese/Never Say No To Panda
Panda Cheese is an actual edible dairy product popular in Egypt and the Middle East. But after Arab Dairy, the company that makes Panda Cheese, launched this series of advertisements in which a friendly-looking panda wordlessly intimidates hospital patients, supermarket shoppers and others into buying the product, soon, the whole world would have a hankering for Panda Cheese.

10. Inception Memes
You’re waiting for a train. J/K IT’S HERE.

9. Prancing Cera
A simple photo of Michael Cera prancing during the filming of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, taken by director Edgar Wright, turned into a mass flurry of Photoshopping and puns on the word ‘prance,’ by the thousands. We liked it so much, we turned it into a gallery.

8. Sad Keanu
Sad Keanu is sad. Won’t someone cheer him up? Or at least Photoshop him into various situations which may point to or alleviate his sadz? Thank you.

7. Old Spice Guy
Look at your man. Now back to him. Now back at your man. Now back to him. This meme gave an extra jolt of energy (like fighter jets and punching!) to actor Isaiah Mustafa’s career (look for him in Horrible Bosses early next year) and was parodied everywhere, from the Emmy Awards (by the creators of Modern Family) to Sesame Street (Grover used the ad to teach the kids about the word ‘on,’ as in ‘I’m on a horse.’). Old Spice Guy even responded to individual users on Twitter. The tweets are now diamonds!