Seven Wonders of the Minecraft World

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Seven Wonders of the <em>Minecraft</em> World

Indie darling Minecraft has been getting a lot of attention lately. From being nominated for several independent and developers choice awards to recently passing one million copies sold.

Minecraft lets players exercise their imaginations, creating masterpieces block by block. Today we celebrate our favorite user-created spectacles in the 8-bit mining world. And for those of you unfamiliar with Minecraft, check out this fan made trailer below. It may help shed some light on the indie sensation.

1. The USS Enterprise
Going where no man has gone before, Youtube user halnicholas set out to create what he calls a “megaobject” in Minecraft. The result? A 1 to 1 scale model of the USS Enterprise. Click here to see an updated version of the project.

2. 15 Kiloton Detonation of TnT
15 kilotons, the explosive yield of the Hiroshima nuclear explosion. Minecrafter Blackdragon calculated that amount into Minecraft TnT blocks, resulting in a 25 by 25 by 25 cube that, when detonated, shut down the Minecraft servers for more than two hours attempting to process the explosion.


3. Planet Earth
Several approaches have been taken to constructing our planet within the world of Minecraft. One is the spherical structure seen below, another can be seen here, which was made using NASA satellite imaging of the Earth to create a scale model.

4. Middle Earth
This team of Minecraft players set out to construct J.R.R. Tolkein’s mystical realm of Middle Earth from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The effort is a group undertaking and a work in progress. Check out some screenshots from the project here.


5. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Overworld
The overworld from Super Nintendo classic Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past has been recreated in Minecraft, featuring everything from Link’s house to Ganon’s castle. With over 100 hours poured into the project, the accuracy to the Nintendo classic is outstanding.

6. Pokemon: The Kanto Region
A common theme in Minecraft recreations is worlds from other videogames. This project is creating a full 3d model of the Kanto region from the original Pokemon Red and Blue videogames. The Minecraft version will feature everything from Ash’s hometown bedroom to every gym he battles along the road to becoming a Pokemon master.

7. BioShock: The World of Rapture
Our final creation is the underwater world of Rapture from 2008’s critical hit BioShock. The recreation includes Jack’s crashed plane on the surface and every hallway of Rapture’s winding, splicer-infested corridors below.