The 25 Most Memorable Celebrity Meltdowns

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The 25 Most Memorable Celebrity Meltdowns

Everybody gets mad sometimes. But it takes a special echelon of batshit craziness to go Charlie Sheen and get Two and a Half Men canceled for the remainder of this season. In honor of Sheen’s verbal laceration of show creator Chuck Lorre in a recent interview, we’ve compiled a list of notable celebrity meltdowns. Here’s a handful of outbursts, confrontations and even fake rants by some familiar faces in the entertainment industry.

25. Paul Anka
“The guys get shirts!”

24. Tyra Banks
Life lessons from a top supermodel.

23. Björk
Perhaps it was the jetlag?

22. Michael Cera
Scott Pilgrim vs. the world. We love Cera for this even if it was staged.

21. Elton John
A collection of heated moments from Sir Elton John.