Thirty Great Athens Bands

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After news came out over the last few weeks about Jeff Mangum’s return to semi-regular touring, we started revisiting much of his past work as part of Elephant 6. The Athens, Georgia-based collective, of which Mangum was a member, are just the tip of the Classic City iceberg. The list of artists associated with Athens is a lengthy one, including accomplished musicians like R.E.M., Widespread Panic, Danger Mouse and Of Montreal, to name but a few. For a city of roughly 115,000 citizens, we can’t think of a town that packs in more rock per capita amongst its people. In honor of this Southern musical hotbed, we’ve compiled a list our favorite Athens rock bands. This list includes musicians who have long been associated with the scene at the local level, as well as others who had formative years in Athens along the way.

The B-52s

“Love Shack”


“Ghost Runner”

Casper & The Cookies


Circulatory System

“The Lovely Universe”

Danger Mouse

“The High Road” (with Broken Bells)

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