14 Bands In Strange Locations

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Most people have seen one of their favorite artists play on stage; it’s a wonderful experience, but such shows have a tendency to blend together after a while. But we’ve compiled a list that showcases some terrific artists in foreign territory—not stages, not recording studios, but unique locales which make them even more memorable.

No one does this better than La Blogoteque’s “Take Away Show” series in which major indie artists play at unconventional locations—Local Natives play “Who Knows Who Cares” while walking through a shopping mall in France, etc. Quite a few Take Away Shows made the list below:

1. The Beatles
On a rooftop

The Beatles  in one of their last performances.

2. Arcade Fire
In the middle of a huge mob in France

Arcade Fire plays “Neon Bible” and “Wake Up” while surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people who all join along. Win Butler actually uses a megaphone to sing. Goosebumps.

3. The White Stripes
In a bowling alley

Jack and Meg perform “Let’s Build A Home” in a crowded bowling alley. Jack bowls a couple times during the song. (“during the song” deserves reiteration).

4. Pink Floyd
In Pompei

Pink Floyd  give an absolutely mesmerizing performance at Pompei. Just imagine putting your ear next to one of those speakers.

5. Phoenix
In the Trocadero in Paris

They are French, after all, so this location makes sense.

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