20 Sunlight Songs

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20 Sunlight Songs

Due to the impending and much-desired delivery of spring, we decided to compose a list dedicated to sunlight. Because we like sunlight. It makes us happy.

1. Matt and Kim – Daylight
The song that launched the duo’s career through a beer commercial, “Daylight” is just about as fun as songs get.

2. Delta Spirit – Ode to Sunshine
Delta Spirit  hails from California, a place renowned for beautiful weather. So it’s no surprise they composed “Ode to Sunshine.”

3. The Harlem Shakes – Sunlight
The Harlem Shakes  may be gone, but their breakout hit, “Strictly Game,” lives on, and lead singer Lexy Benaim’s voice almost sounds like sunlight.

4. Michael Franti – The Sound of Sunshine
Few rappers can flow around the subject of a pretty celestial object, and in such a pleasing, bubbly way while retaining a grounded voice, but Franti and his Spearheads have had this tack down for a while.

5. Beck – Sunday Sun
Arguably one of the most sorrowful albums of all time, this song off Sea Change would work perfectly at the end of a terrible night—so weak and broken, but with a subtle glimmer of hope in the rising sun.

6. Gomez – Even Song (Chorus: “Sun stop goin down / Awake again”)
The underrated Gomez effortlessly transfers genres and retains incredible quality (the band effortlessly chose its name, too, after seeing it on a sign).

7. The Bravery – Bad Sun
This song brought The Bravery to the indie mainstream.

8. Keane – Sunshine
Keane’s debut album, Hopes and Fears landed the trio on numerous major gigs with their heartbroken brand of pop. And the band has continued in that vein, somehow bringing light from darkness.

9. Jukebox The Ghost – Summer Sun
Jukebox The Ghost’s latest album is called Everything Under The Sun, and this song certainly befits that title.

10 &11. Phoenix – Love Like a Sunset (Pt. 1 & 2)
The French indie artists sure know how to compose instrumental tracks to support their more straightforward pop-rock. It’s very, very peaceful, and when combined with Part 2, evokes of a sunset on a beach followed by waking the next morning and again engaging the world.

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