30 Fun Indie-Artist Covers of Pop Tunes

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10. Obidiah Parker – “Hey Ya” (OutKast)
Who knew that shaking it like a Polaroid picture could be sad? Parker reveals an emotion in the lyrics that was lost in the original.

9. Laura Jansen – “Use Somebody” (Kings of Leon)
Jansen brings a quiet intensity to this popular song, contributing an intimacy and earnestness that strengthens this stalwart plea.

8. Boyce Avenue – “Only Girl” (Rihanna)
Better than the original? Yes. Boyce Avenue completely transforms the song, giving it a level of emotion and honesty that didn’t exist in Rihanna’s rendition.

7. My Morning Jacket- “I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man” (Prince)
If you can hear through the camera man’s singing, you’ll find an awesome snippet of MMJ throwing it down on a classic Prince tune.

6. Travis – “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)” (Britney Spears)
Travis is able to convey the heartache that Spears never could, transforming this song into a lovesick plea.

5. Johnny Cash – “Hurt” (Nine Inch Nails)
Cash showcases just what was so brilliant about his talent in this cover, giving it a different kind of earnestness.

4.Martin Sexton – “Purple Rain” (Prince)
Performing a Prince song is no easy task, but Sexton does so gracefully, bringing an extra ounce of soul to a song already oozing with it.

3. Adele – “Make You Feel My Love” (Bob Dylan)
Okay so Adele as indie and Dylan as pop are both a stretch, but her cover of this Bob Dylan classic is absolutely beautiful and was too good to ignore. Of course, this British songstress could sing us a baking recipe and we’d still be entranced.

2. Lissie – “Bad Romance” (Lady Gaga)
Lissie  brings a sensuality to the track that not even Gaga could achieve; smoky, strong vocals pull you in and refuse to let you go.

1. Lissie – “Pursuit of Happiness (Kid Cudi)
Lissie  is amazing, whether she’s singing her own songs or those of other artists, taking the top two spots her covers are genuine gold.

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