12 Fantastic Fan-Made Music Videos

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A few days ago, we showcased some fans’ devotion to their favorite musicians through tattoos. Today, we exemplify that fanatic devotion through a different medium: the music video.

Gomez – Notice (spectrelives)
Terrific artistry and animation from user spectrelives accompanies Gomez’s “Notice.” The video’s trippy visuals and precise editing make this one of the best fan-made videos we came across.

Zero 7 – Morning Song (12max44)
This user made the video, which was shot in Ireland, as a school project.

Phoenix – Lisztomania
A mashup of 1980s characters dancing in movies, including: The Outsiders (1983) Class (1983) Sixteen Candles (1984) Oxford Blues (1984) The Breakfast Club (1985) St. Elmo’s Fire (1985) Pretty in Pink (1986) Blue City (1986) About Last Night… (1986) Wisdom (1986) Fresh Horses (1988) (thanks to Shykid2 for the list).

“It’s great,” Phoenix singer Thomas Mars says here. “It’s our best video.”

Embedding disabled by request, so hit the link to see it.

Frightened Rabbit – I Fell Better (sammolleur)
This custom-drawn and animated video by sammolleur displays terrific artistic talent. As one comment says, “This was f—king great! It should be the official video for this song as far as Im concerned. Really kick ass job!”

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