12 Fantastic Fan-Made Music Videos

Music Lists
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Snow Patrol – Make This Go On Forever (clarity66)
Clarity66 takes clips of Mulder and Scully from the show X-Files, compiles and then edits them in a sequence that wonderfully fits the song. You won’t even know it’s X-Files (there’s a reason this got two-million-plus views).

Animal Collective – Safer (omiewise)
The eerie, haunting atmosphere created by Animal Collective in this 9-minute song is captured very well by omiewise’s surreal scenes.

No Age – Glitter (StocktoSong)
Another entry from StocktoSong, who definitely appreciates the black-and-white, decades-old aesthetic. This time, he uses it to encapsulate the song’s themes of overwhelming loneliness and paranoia. The video (purportedly) appeared on Rogue TV in Sweden, and No Age said they liked it.