Seven Irish-Enhanced Recipes Using Bailey's, Jameson, Guinness

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It’s become tradition to spend St. Patrick’s day in bars and pubs, drinking green beer and pinching those not taking part in the merriment. But we’re starting a new tradition and plan to spend the holiday in the kitchen with a few Irish spirits. With the aid of Guinness, Jameson and Bailey’s we’ll test new recipes found from various online bloggers to celebrate this Irish holiday. So rather than test the limits of our livers, we will satisfy our stomachs with these alcohol-enhanced recipes.

7. Guinness Battered Cod
Fish and chips is standard fare, but with a bit of Guinness added to the recipe these beer-battered fish take on a whole new flavor. Guinness also has an official recipe available on their website.

6. Jameson Whiskey-Braised Pork Shoulder With Irish Colcannon
I had no idea what Irish Colcannon was, but this savory mix of mashed potatoes, leeks and cabbage serves as delicious side to the whiskey-braised pork shoulder.

5. Guinness Stout Beef Stew
For a day of hearty drinking, it’s important to have a hearty meal. This Irish stew will fill your stomach and give you the fuel you need to properly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

4. Chocolate Bailey’s Pudding Tart
Chocolate and Bailey’s go hand-and-hand. Enjoy the blend of liqueur, chocolate and Oreos for a sweet St. Patrick’s Day.

3. Mini Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Jameson Irish Whiskey Frosting
This sugary concoction is the perfect trifecta: beer, whiskey and chocolate. Nothing better.

2. Bailey’s Chocolate Cheesecake
One word, NOM!

1. Guinness, Bailey’s and Jameson Whiskey Cupcakes
These flavorful cupcakes combine all of our favorite Irish liquors to create a sweet and satisfying dessert.

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