13 Great Musical Moments in John Hughes Movies

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7. “If You Were Here,” Sixteen Candles
Who needs chairs when you’ve got cake, Jake Ryan and the Thompson Twins? The dining room table’ll do just fine for Sam’s happy ending. Unfortunately, the only version on YouTube is in Spanish. Feliz cumpleanos, Samantha!

6. “Mess Around,” Planes, Trains and Automobiles
John Candy gets down to a little Ray Charles in the car. RIP.

5. “We Are Not Alone,” The Breakfast Club
What do a brain, a basket case, a princess, a jock and a criminal have in common? They all love to boogie. (Plus, a bunch of other, more significant stuff. Watch the movie.)

4. “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want,” Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
This instrumental version of The Smiths’ classic perfectly scores one of the most touching scenes in Ferris Bueller. That look on Cameron’s face as he figures out that the masterpiece he’s looking at is merely a bunch of dots gets us every time.

3. “Don’t You Forget About Me,” The Breakfast Club
Pigeonholed by all the adults in their lives, our favorite band of angsty teens sticks it to Principal Vernon with a well-written letter and a killer Simple Minds anthem.

2. “Try a Little Tenderness,” Pretty in Pink
This gem topped our list of 8 Awesome Lip-Sync Scenes. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: “The pained expressions, the fist pumps, the pelvic thrusts and the coolest mustard-yellow-blazer-and-bolo-tie ensemble ever all add up to make a fantastic scene, leaving us with one of pop culture’s greatest mysteries: How could Andie have possibly chosen Blane, the kid with a name like a major appliance and a personality as enthralling as dry toast, over The Duckman?”

1. “Danke Schoen/Twist and Shout,” Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Sometimes, when life gets tough or confusing, you just need to hijack a parade float. As we said in our lip-sync list, “While his friends freak out about their futures, Ferris (Matthew Broderick) hops atop a parade float and leads the city of Chicago in a rousing rendition of ‘Twist and Shout.’ Businessmen shake it in their offices, girls lift up their skirts and a bunch of people appear out of nowhere to do the ‘Thriller’ dance. Best Von Steuben Day ever!”