18 Musical Moms Talk Motherhood

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Emma Nadeau
Lost In The Trees

Photo: D.L. Anderson / Song: “Walk Around The Lake”

Name and age of your kid:
Madeleine, age 2 ½.

How does having a child and being a mother change the way you approach your career?
I guess the stakes are a lot higher now, though I try not to let that get in the way of the creativity or the fun! But there is more of a pressure to be successful because I’ve got another mouth to feed, so to speak. And all the touring better be worth [for] every minute I have to be away from her!

What’s the best part about being both a musician and a mom?
Having an inherently social job is really awesome when you have a family! Although the consistency of a regular day job is attractive, I generally don’t envy nine-to-fivers whose jobs are totally separate from their families. Our house is the band hub for rehearsals, photo shoots, meetings, etc., which means that there are always people coming in and out. My bandmates are Madeleine’s best friends! And it’s really cool to see her develop a special relationship with music because she knows the people who are performing it. We’ll listen to albums by local artists, and she’ll say, “That’s Josh singing!” or “Mark plays the bells!”

What’s the most difficult part about being both a musician and a mom?
Touring is pretty difficult, but even worse than being away is the inconsistency and instability of it all. One month I’ll be in performance and late-night socializing mode and the next month I’ll be in full-time Mommy mode! Luckily, I have an amazing husband (also a musician!) who is flexible and able to be at home with Madeleine while I’m away. It can be really tough to negotiate sometimes, though.

What does your kids think of your music?
Madeleine loves it! Well, she loves Ari… whenever we get in the car and I ask her what she wants to listen to; she says, “I want Ari.” I really don’t think there’s ever been another answer to that question. There have been near-tantrums when I refuse, but there are only so many times I can listen to our records! And everyone in the band is very inspirational for her—one day it’s “I wanna sing and play guitar like Ari.” The next it’s “I wanna play violin like Jenavieve;” and whenever she taps on anything, she’s “playing drums like TJ.” Man, it’s dangerous to ask open-ended questions to moms about their kids—I could probably quote her all day…

Theresa Andersson

Song: “Birds Fly Away”

What are you thinking of naming your kid?
We wanted a name that works in the U.S. as well as my native Sweden. We’re thinking of Elsie.

How do you think having a child and being a mother will change the way you approach your career?
Well, it already has. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and in the middle of making a new record (check out my Kickstarter campaign). It slows me down a bit. I have to consider my baby’s needs. That said it is the most spiritual way to make a record. When I sing and play the baby responds by moving, she’s a big part of it.

What do you anticipate being the best part about being both a musician and a mom?
Sharing my travel experiences around the world with my daughter will be incredible.

What do you anticipate being the most difficult part about being both a musician and a mom?
Changing the diapers in the van going down some bumpy road… The times when the whole family can’t be together will be hard. I’m currently strategizeing on how to get my husband to become my tour manager.

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