Our 15 Favorite Tina Fey TV Moments

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41 years ago today, the world got a little more hilarious as Tina Fey joined our ranks. To celebrate our favorite funny lady’s birthday, we’ve gathered some clips of her finest moments.

Fey’s body of work—including roughly 100 episodes’ worth of Liz Lemon nuggets on 30 Rock, countless sketches from her years as SNL’s first female head writer, and of course her unforgettable Sarah Palin impression— certainly makes it hard to choose the 15 best moments, but these are some of our personal favorites that are available online.

Check out the list below, and remember: Ain’t no party like a Liz Lemon party because a Liz Lemon party is mandatory.

15. Liz’s seductive dancing (30 Rock)
Fey always find a way to work in some stellar moves on her show.

14. “Where’s my sandwich?” (30 Rock)
Only a fool would try to come between Liz Lemon and a delicious sandwich. Do so and be prepared to face the consequences.

13. “Brownie Husband” (SNL)
In which Fey endorses a product that cleverly combines two things sad singletons crave: microwavable brownies and someone to notice when you put highlights in your hair.

12. Christopher Walken impression (30 Rock)
It may not be the most accurate Walken impression we’ve ever heard (although we’ve certainly heard worse), but Fey’s is easily the funniest.

11. Liz goes Gollum (30 Rock)
Nervous about the premiere of her Dealbreakers talk show, Liz has a little chat with herself in the mirror before crying out of her mouth. Don’t freak out; that’s where her tear ducts are now.

10. Women’s News segment (SNL)
In which Tina reflects on how in spite of several decades of progress, women still have to deal with cheating husbands and homewreckers like Bombshell McGee — whose body “looks like a dirtbag’s binder in seventh grade metal shop.”

9. “High-fiving a million angels” (30 Rock)
Next time you deliver a particularly witty zinger, make use of this Liz Lemon catchphrase.

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