Our 15 Favorite Inexplicable Rivers Cuomo Moments

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Our 15 Favorite Inexplicable Rivers Cuomo Moments

Not all rockstars manage to remain cool when they’re over the hill—good thing Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was never cool to begin with. Today is the nerd rock king’s 41st birthday, and to celebrate his trek into middle age we’ve compiled a list of our favorite moments of his career, from the awkward to the awesome (but still pretty awkward).

15. Rivers on Yo Gabba Gabba!

Weezer  weren’t the first band to appear on the trippy children’s TV show, but there was something special about their performance. Cuomo looks like he’s having too much fun to tell him that, well, earthworms aren’t technically insects.

14. Collaboration with B.o.B

Cuomo’s got quite a presence in the rap world—Lil Wayne even made an appearance on 2009’s Raditude. His white boy status, however, remains very much intact, as shown by his horrendous dance moves in this clip of him performing “Magic” with rapper B.o.B.

13. The “Lover in the Snow” video

Cuomo really likes soccer. The unexpectedly touching video for “Lover in the Snow,” a track from his first solo LP, takes us through one of the singer’s childhood fantasies, which he somewhat fulfills by scoring a goal in a celebrity soccer match.

12. The unofficial U.S. World Cup anthem

No seriously, he really likes soccer. To support the United States Men’s National team on their World Cup run last summer, Cuomo and company recorded this little diddy.

11. Weezer’s actually-pretty-good Radiohead cover

Weezer’s recent cover of “You Might Think” by The Cars sort of made sense, but “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead? Fans are used to hearing Cuomo sing about surfin’ and partyin’—”unborn chicken voices” not so much.

10. The State Farm song

Scream “sell out” if you must, but…um…yeah, just go ahead. But consider that maybe Cuomo is just really enthusiastic about his insurance provider.

9. Collaboration with iCarly

Alright, Cuomo is definitely not concerned with what you think, but how many Weezer fans have the guts to admit they like the guy that did a song with their little sisters’ favorite TV star?

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