Our 15 Favorite Twins in Pop Culture

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Our 15 Favorite Twins in Pop Culture

Yesterday it was revealed that Coachella will take place over not one, but two weekends next year. Concertgoers will now have an opportunity to snag tickets to the repeat run of the event, which will feature an identical lineup, making it a twin festival of sorts.

To celebrate, we’ve gathered our favorite non-musical (sorry, Tegan and Sara!) twins in pop culture. Grab a friend, throw on some matching outfits, pick your favorite twin cliche (“double the trouble,” “two heads are better than one,” etc.) and check out the list below.

15. The McPoyles, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Dennis and Deandra Reynolds might be the more obvious set of twins to choose from It’s Always Sunny, but these hilariously creepy brothers consistently steal whatever scene they’re in.

14. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, various projects

We know, we know. Say what you will about these two — but if you were a little girl in the early-to-mid ‘90s, you most likely went through a major Mary-Kate and Ashley phase.

13. The Twins, The Matrix Reloaded

You know what’s creepier than a bad guy who rarely speaks and can move through solid objects? Two of them.

12. Susan and Sharon, The Parent Trap

These twins were separated at birth and forced to set aside their differences to get their parents back together. It’s a story so delightfully cheesy, we were even willing to endure Lindsay Lohan’s British accent in the remake.

11. Patty and Selma, The Simpsons

Marge Simpson’s sarcastic sisters have been chain-smoking, croaking out insults and generally making people’s lives miserable at the Springfield DMV for over 20 years.

10. Mario and Luigi, Mario video games

Not many people realize that these brothers are actually fraternal twins. Luigi is several minutes younger, although the pair aren’t portrayed as being twins in 1993’s Super Mario Bros. movie.

9. Austin Powers and Dr. Evil, Austin Powers in Goldmember

In the third Austin Powers flick, it’s revealed that the international man of mystery and his nemesis Dr. Evil are long-lost twins. Check out a scene from their earlier days here.

8. The Andys, Hot Fuzz

Okay, so they’re not actually twins — or even brothers, for that matter — but the similarities between Andy Wainwright and Andy Cartwright are just too funny to keep them off this list.

7. Phoebe and Ursula Buffay, Friends

Phoebe’s evil twin actually first appeared on Mad About You, but it’s her adventures on Friends — a porn career, a fling with Joey and an engagement to Sean Penn — that consistently make us giggle.

6. The Wonder Twins, Super Friends

Wonder Twin powers, ACTIVATE! Shape of… a vaguely threatening animal! Form of…a hilariously useless water-based object! (We’re just jealous.)

5. George and Oscar Bluth, Arrested Development

George Sr.’s friendly, long-haired counterpart is often mistaken confused his brother by strangers, the authorities and even poor old Buster (as evidenced above).

4. Fred and George Weasley, Harry Potter

Before Charlie Sheen gave misbehaving warlocks everywhere a bad name, these troublemakers provided much of the comic relief in the Harry Potter series. Check out a collection of their best moments here.

3. The Grady girls, The Shining

Nothing makes the hair on the backs of our necks stand straight on end quite like these two little girls popping up out of nowhere and speaking in unison. Turn that tricycle around, Danny!

2.Julius and Vincent Benedict, Twins

Movies that are unapologetically centered around one joke are notoriously bad, but when it’s a gag as gloriously kitschy as this one, we don’t mind at all.

1. Luke and Leia, Star Wars

Astute viewers might ask why, if Leia somehow “always knew” that Luke was her twin brother, she decided to kiss him. Sure, it’s gross, but we’ll cut ‘em some slack; after all, they did save the galaxy.