15 Hilarious Celebrity Commercials

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<big> 15 Hilarious Celebrity Commercials </big>

Between Proactive and Cover Girl, celebrities have taken up a lot of time in ads during our favorite sitcoms. Television commercials take up nearly a quarter of our show time. Celebs jump in ads for a variety of reasons. Some do it to keep themselves relevant, jump start their careers, make money or perhaps just for fun. The advertising stars below demonstrate the (sometimes unintentional) comedy gold in the 18-25 minutes that take away time from our TV time.

15. Ringo Starr: Pizza Hut
Watch Ringo Starr try to convince the Beatles to turn the pizza around.

14. Billy Dee Williams: Colt 45
Finally, a key to stayin’ fly with the ladies. Mr. Williams is keepin’ it classy with Colt 45.

13. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Alinamin V Energy Drink
When celebrities want to make fast cash without embarrassing themselves in front of a U.S. audience, it’s time to head to Japan (mo’ intensity). Here’s The Governator reppin’ an energy drink.

12. Leonardo DiCaprio: Bubble Yum
You gotta break in Hollywood somewhere. Leo decided to do it with Bubble Yum.

11. Betty White: Snickers
An animal advocate and a football player, what’s not to love about Betty White?

10. Bill Cosby: Jello Pudding
Bill Cosby  is probably the one person alive that can make Jello cool.

9. Keanu Reeves: Corn Flakes
Our favorite meme is the happiest we’ve ever seen him.