15 Fictional Music Buffs We Wish Would Make Us A Mix CD

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15 Fictional Music Buffs We Wish Would Make Us A Mix CD

As you know, here at Paste, we’re constantly on the prowl for “signs of life in music, film and culture,” and we love it when we can find all three in one sitting.

We’ve got a soft spot for movies and TV shows that feature our fellow music buffs. It warms our hearts to see a character name-drop an obscure group or spend their time trolling record shops. In short, we love characters who love music; here are 15 of our favorites.

15. Nick, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Michael Cera’s played his share of music aficionados, waging war with his bass in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and jamming to The Moldy Peaches in Juno, and as Nick he’s in hot pursuit of a secret show by the fictional Where’s Fluffy, managing to find some time to groove to some Devendra Banhart along the way.

14. Mr. Brown, Reservoir Dogs

In this famous scene, director Quentin Tarantino kicks things off by weighing in on the deeper meaning behind Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.” Maybe if he’d spent a little less time analyzing Madge’s career and a little more time trying to evade the cops, we’d have a different movie on our hands.

13. Lane Kim, Gilmore Girls

Rory and her mother may be the ones known for spewing out rapid-fire pop cultural references, but it was Lane who was Stars Hollow’s resident music junkie. Hey, she even was in a band with Sebastian Bach

12. The Count, Pirate Radio

Philip Seymour Hoffman  plays an American DJ who sets sail in order to spin for Radio Rock in this oft-overlooked Richard Curtis flick. He’s so consumed by his love of music that he’s even willing to (spoiler alert) go down with the ship in order to broadcast one last tune.

11. Patrick Bateman, American Psycho

When he’s not delivering delightfully bizarre monologues on Huey Lewis and the News,
Phil Collins and Whitney Houston, Patrick Bateman’s doing a whole lot of axe-murdering. OK, maybe this is one we DON’T want to make us a mix CD.

10. Summer, 500 Days of Summer

It’s easy to see why JGL falls for Summer: she’s a big fan of The Smiths, she can hold her own at karaoke and she makes liking Ringo more than the rest of the Beatles somehow seem reasonable.

9. Jimmy Rabbitte, The Commitments

As an unemployed Dubliner with an undying love of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, Jimmy doesn’t let the fact that he can’t play an instrument get in the way of his forming Ireland’s finest soul band.

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