The 10 Best Jon Stewart/Glenn Beck Gotcha Moments

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Since Fox News first put him on the air back in 2009, Glenn Beck has brought the crazy to network television—and given Jon Stewart a steady supply of comedic gold. Beck has been the yin to the political funnyman’s yang, the embodiment of the media sensationalism that Stewart spends every night ridiculing on his show.

Beck announced back in April that he would be leaving Fox, and this past Thursday he finally made good on his promise. While Stewart has reason to be excited, he is no doubt losing one of his greatest muses.

And while we usually eschew politics here at Paste, we’re all about entertainment. So to celebrate Beck’s final week on television, we’ve gathered some of our favorite moments from Stewart’s televised feud with the right’s leading conspiracy theorist.

10. The first impression
When Glenn Beck was struck with appendicitis, Stewart’s famed impersonation of Beck was born. Stewart donned the signature thick-rimmed glasses and took to the blackboard to prove that Hitler was planning to steal Beck one organ at a time and reprogram him as a weapon.

9. Bert’s draconian agenda
Stewart parodies Beck’s show again, this time finding the “hidden meaning” in Beck’s conservative libertarian status. The conclusion? Don’t let your kids watch Sesame Street.

8. Beck’s “I Have a Scheme” Speech
Stewart mocks Beck’s movement to “reclaim the civil rights movement” and points out the pundit’s knack for encouraging you to make your own decisions…just so long as you decide to do what Beck tells you.

7. Soros and Beck overthrow America
After Beck tried to use a puppet show to prove that billionaire George Soros was pulling the strings in America, Stewart tried his hand at puppetry as well.

6. Beck advocates libraries, and inadvertently Communism
Beck says that he came up with his “Progressives are Communists” theory with the help of his local library, and Stewart reminds him who he has to thank for those “free” books.

5. Beck’s botched Massa interview
Beck had high hopes when Eric Massa came onto his show after claiming that he was forced out of office by Democrats. When the former congressman talked about tickle fights instead of dragging his party through the mud, Stewart made sure to rub it in.

4. Now I ain’t saying Beck’s a gold digger…
Beck likes to scare the crap out of his diligent followers, and as the spokesman for Goldline, Beck also likes bling. Pointing out that the price of gold goes up when people are afraid, Stewart makes a case for what the pundit is up to.

3. Beck’s not-so-exclusive footage
According to Beck, no one else but Fox had the guts to show footage of Israeli commandos under attack during a flotilla raid. According to Stewart, everyone from CNN to Sesame Street aired it.

2. Simple math
Whenever Beck thinks a corporation is trying to buy out the Democratic Party, he’s sure to tell us about it. So when Newscorp, the company that owns Fox News, gave $1 million to Republicans, Stewart took to the blackboard once again to break down the money trail Beck-style.

1. The big send-off
Sometimes good news can seem too good to be true. Maybe that’s why Stewart came to the conclusion that Beck’s departure from Fox News could only mean that the world is in fact ending in 2012. Stewart was noticeably giddy during his final Beck impersonation, but at the end of the segment conceded that Beck was “great for business.”

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