50 Musicians Worth Following on Twitter

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50 Musicians Worth Following on Twitter

We’ve published lists of who to follow on Twitter, but like medium itself, these lists constantly need an update (especially now that @KanyeWest has slowed down). Here are 50 of our favorite bands and solo artists on Twitter. Let us know who else is worth a follow in the comments section below.

YokoOno.jpg 50. Yoko Ono – @YokoOno
The avant-garde artist gives us plenty to ponder. Or at least read, and then scratch our heads.
Twitter Bio: I love dancing. I think it’s better to dance than to march through life.
Followers: 1.5 million
Best Recent Tweet: Dangle empty cans and bottles all over your body. Dance without making a sound.
Runner-Up: Imagine painting all the statues in the world in the color of the sky.
And one more, for good measure: Tape the sound of the moon fading at dawn. Give it to your mother to listen to when she’s in sorrow.

diplo.jpg 49. Diplo – @diplo
The globe-trotting DJ seems to be on a different continent every week.
Twitter Bio: americas best dance crew
Followers: 251k
Best Recent Tweet: I’m so dope I wish I could follow myself
Runner-Up: Eating a cold samosa by myself backstage with absynth & cranberry juice

grizzly.jpg 48. Grizzly Bear – @GrizzlyBear
Twitter Bio: Mostly tweets from Edward, rare tweets by Daniel and Chris Taylor. Chris Bear tweets over at @crbear. We are a band. See our website.
Followers: 16k
Best Recent Tweet: Just heard a sixty year old dad watch his 10 year old daughter fall off her bike and say “epic fail”
Runner-Up: I hate when artists say they don’t/can’t listen to anything contemporary. Reminds me of people that say they’ve never watched tv. #bullshit

rhett.jpg 47. Rhett Miller (The Old 97’s) – @rhettmiller
Twitter Bio: If you ever hear me mess up on stage, it’s because I started thinking about how great I am. Damn hubris!
Followers: 14k
Best Recent Tweet: When I was a child, my mother told me, “If you can’t think of anything nice to say, you suck.”
Runner-Up: Wait. Are you dead? If so, ask @ScottyRosenberg, author of Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead. RT @jackburditt I’m in Denver. Now what?

joy.jpg 46. Jenny Owen Youngs – @jennyowenyoungs
When not personally responding to each of her 8,000, the New Jersey singer/songwriter is pretty dang funny.
Followers: 8k
Best Recent Tweet: No big deal, just saved the life of a baby cow. Do you think that balances out the burger I had earlier?
Runner-Up: Report: It’s like… Is a fiddle made of gold REALLY equal in worth to a human soul?

linford.jpg 45. Linford Detweiller (Over the Rhine) – @LinfordJerome
Maybe the most artful Twitterer on this list.
Twitter Bio:
Followers: 800
Best Recent Tweet: You either keep showing up or you don’t. It all comes down to the work. And so I raise my hand and hope some mystery speaks my name.
Runner-Up: The life you are meant to find will wring your heart to the point of breaking, then douse you with buckets of joy when you’re not looking.

kb.jpg 44. Karin Bergquist (Over the Rhine) – @KarinBergquist
Along with her husband above, Bergquist makes you yearn for a farm in Ohio.
Twitter Bio: Just when you think you’re out… they pull you back in.
Followers: 1k
Best Recent Tweet: When our Weimaraner, Shakey, farts it might be compared to the sound of a mosquito squeezing through the gates of hell.
Runner-Up: @Linfordjerome wants to know which one of us can get the most followers. Well, who would you rather see tweet in their underwear?

sondre.jpg 43. Sondre Lerche – @sondrelerche
Twitter Bio: New self-titled album. Out now in North America and Norway! EU/UK – September 5 (Tellé Records).
Followers: 15k
Best Recent Tweet: Kanye West was beautiful and hilarious but so effing cold I had to leave after Touch The Sky. Ima let him finish though.
Runner-Up: Climbed a mountain in the pouring rain. Came back down with a landslide. #norwegiansummer

elp.jpg 42. el-p – @therealelp
Twitter Bio: my name is el-p. friends call me el. family calls me jaime.
Followers: 14k
Best Recent Tweet: “we’re the worst” RT @RollingStone: What do you think the title of Coldplay’s new album ‘Mylo Xyloto’ means?
Runner-Up: jesus christ, facebook. why do i constantly have to chase you around putting out your privacy fires? whats next medical records?

josh_twitter.jpg 41. Josh Ritter – @joshritter
Lots of show announcements and thank-yous, but he also uses Twitter to give thoughtful answers to questions about his music and new novel, Bright’s Passage
Bio: Just a thin stitch up against the rising line.
Followers: 13k
Best Recent Tweet: .@el_Lamprich religious isn’t quite right. i’m curious and easily astounded. i like questions more than answers. no one has truth. #obooks [answering questions from the O book club]

waynecoyne.jpg 40. Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips) – @waynecoyne
Our generation’s finest carnival barker uses Twitter mostly to share lots of weird-ass pictures and video.
Twitter Bio: The official account of Wayne Coyne 
Followers: 66k
Best Recent Tweet: Cool new song with Steven playing wicked drums!! I’m singing in the control room
Runner-Up: In McDonalds parking lot … almost to St.Louis …..

zooey.jpg 39. Zooey Deschanel (She & Him) – @therealzooeyd
The film star, She half of She & Him and wife of Ben Gibbard has a new site called Hello Giggles, so you know whether or not this follow is for you.
Twitter Bio: where do I begin?
Followers: 514k
Best Recent Tweet: National talk like Yoda day it is. Surprise your friends you must. Okay. I just made that up.
Runner-Up: what’s happening? what’s happening now? how about now? ...aaand what about NOW? = needy twitter.

katygoodman.png 38. Katy Goodman (Vivian Girls, La Sera, All Saints Day) – @iamkatygoodman
It seems as if “Kickball Katy” will answer any question posed to her, and will ask anything that crosses her mind of her very engaged 6,343 followers.
Twitter Bio: Vivian Girls, La Sera, All Saints Day
Followers: 6k
Best Recent Tweet: There is a poodle convention at the hotel we’re staying at. I am officially the least groomed animal I have laid eyes on today.
Runner-Up: Some girl told me my hair was “beast awesome” yesterday. Is that a real phrase that the youth are using these days?

benk.png 37. Ben Kweller – benkweller
Twitter Bio: I write songs, record them and sing them for people. I love music and Bass fishing. Most of all I love my wife Liz and our two sons Dorian and Judah.
Followers: 23k
Best Recent Tweet: Today I heard 2 nuggets from 5yr olds: “I didn’t know they made cameras that big” and “what’s a landline?”
Runner-Up: After months of using whatever was around, ive gone back to my beloved salt toothpaste. This shit is THE BEST…! / after all, i must continue my reputation for having the cleanest grill in indie-rock…

neon.jpg 36. Neon Indian – @NeonIndian
Twitter Bio: A wiley Mexican by way of Texas, by way of Brooklyn, who deals in synth.
Followers: 17k
Best Recent Tweet: Sometimes when I check my gear in at the airport, I envision the conveyor belts ends in a pit where hundreds of people ska dance.
Runner-Up: Two kinds of people in this world. Jean Claude Van Damme.. and everyone else. #thejeanclaudevenndiagram #amsterdank

rosanne.jpg 35. Rosanne Cash – @rosannecash
Twitter Bio: Writer/musician/New Yorker/married to @johnleventhal. NeoFolkBuddhiscopalian-paganPostFeministProgressive. I like Twitter as cafe society.
Followers: 32k
Best Recent Tweet: In hospital in Arkansas w/ old friend. Thinking how great if hospitals played Brian Eno’s Music For Airports to tone down hyper-real edge.
Runner-Up: Came across song my late friend/mentor/great songwriter John Stewart and I wrote together, ‘Dance With The Tiger’. Unexpected tears.

wyeoak.jpg 34. Wye Oak – @WyeOak
Twitter Bio: Baltimore based musical duo.
Followers: 5k
Best Recent Tweet: We’re late to our load-in at the Greek! It’s just like “get him to the Greek!” except not funny! And I don’t have drugs in my ass!
Runner-Up: dry cereal and whiskey for dinner #allgrownup

lauraveirs.jpg 33. Laura Veirs – @LauraVeirs
The singer/songwriter Tweeted throughout her pregnancy to the recent birth of her son with Portland producer Tucker Martine.
Followers: 10k
Best Recent Tweet: The guitar is moving to the side: friend says I look very rock n’ roll, or like Grandma with a gun.
Runner-Up: Every song on “The Best of Sam Cooke” is under 3 mins. Each one awesomely just gets to the point.

mattkim.jpg 32. Matt & Kim – @mattandkim
Followers: 40k
Best Recent Tweet: Kim’s hiding M&K CDs in the green room for when Neil Patrick Harris comes tomorrow. Shes had a crush on him since Doogie Howser @JimmyFallon
Runner-Up: In a Walter’s Foods and one of our songs just came on. When this happens I can never tell if it’s coincidence or someone’s screwing with us.

tmg.png 31. They Might Be Giants – @TMBG
The two Johns have cycled through every kind of media from their original answering machine (Dial-a-Song) to Twitter.
Twitter Bio: This is the only official They Might Be Giants-related twitter feed, and is generally administered by John F. Happy to be here.
Best Recent Tweet: A pal has dubbed these new levels of fact-free political rhetoric “Antiknowledge.” Hope the phrase, but not the trend, catches on.
Runner-Up: We know he hasn’t declared yet, but very very excited to hear Joe Perry is considering a run for the presidency.

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