10 Cool Tumblrs Dedicated To Music

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10 Cool Tumblrs Dedicated To Music

There are countless blogs dedicated to music, ranging from terrible to terrific. We decided to wade through the mass of Tumblrs sites and see which were worthy of checking out.

1. 2N
Pronounced “tune,” 2N delivers one or two songs each week for your listening pleasure. They don’t necessarily focus on new songs or popular songs, just songs that tickle their fancy. Some of the bands you’ve most definitely heard of, while others are budding local bands in there respective hometowns. Recent posts include “Audio, Visual, Disco” by Justice, “Right Where It Belongs” by Nine Inch Nails, “July 23” by What Laura Says and “4 Minute Warning” by Radiohead. Each posting allows you to listen to the track and provides a link for you to buy the track and album the song appears on.

Copy Cats
2. Copy Cats
This Tumblr contains no original content. That is to say it posts covers, remixes and mashups of songs we all love. A lot of indie-pop musicians are combined with electronic bands and vice versa. It is a great way to discover a new way to listen to your favorite band. Copy Cats previously posted live footage of a duo covering an Alabama song, audio of Damien Rice covering U2, an M83 remix album and Freelance Whales covering Devo. The blog also has filters so that you can easily search for whatever genre, covers, remixes or mashups, that you’re looking for.

3. FreeIndie
Two guys named Mike and Alex post free and legal indie songs for you to download every few days. They provide a quick sentence slightly describing what you are about to listen to (like “Perfect for any road trip, even to the supermarket.”) as well as links to other songs by the musician. Some recently covered bands have been Satellite Stories, Nomadic Furs, Glitter Freeze and Here We Go Magic. The Tumblr also sparingly posts YouTube videos and artwork about music. It’s a great way to break up the monotony of the simple design.

Hype Men
4. Hype Men
This Tumblr has also become a podcast. It is described as “Hip-hop, as discussed by three Jews.” The site posts discussions on various songs and artists in a humorous, but serious manner. It’s a fresh look on discussing a type of genre that seems to have a very specific niche.
Nearly every post includes some sort of musician or celebrity who is invited to discuss something very specific. The most recent guest was Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), who discussed “why Alien Ant Farm may be relevant this Halloween, airbrushed overalls, Spotify, how we’re late on Hunger Games and The Walking Dead, and many other things you’ll need to know about.”

5. Jukebox
Like a lot of music Tumblrs, Jukebox posts several audio tracks a week for you to listen to. Unlike a lot of other blogs this one posts popular music from throughout the ages in hopes of resurfacing previous radio hits. The site posts everything from Smashing Pumpkins to Janelle Monae; from matt pond PA to Broken Social Scene. What’s special about this blog is that you’re able to relive songs you’ve forgotten about and discover new tracks almost daily thanks to frequent posts.

Music to Have Sex To
6. Music to Have Sex To
Not sure how serious this one is, but it posts songs that would be good to listen to in the bedroom. Again, you can stream each track, but what’s cool about Music to Have Sex To is that there are playlists already created for you as well as a Weekly 5 and a page for the top songs from the site. Lykke Li’s cover of Righteous Brothers “Unchained Melody” was one of the most recent posts and even includes a free download. Real Estate, who was covered in the last issue of our mPlayer has a song that the site considers up to par with a Fleetwood Mac cover. Even if you’re not looking for love making jams, it’s a great place to cover mood setting songs.

One Week One Band
7. One Week // One Band
This is perhaps of the bunch. Each week one writer (you could submit yourself to write for a week) “showcases a band or artist he/she feels particularly passionate about.” Each week a writer posts a song per day on Monday through Friday, and the weekends are set up for special posts and general discussion of that week’s band. Fugazi was showcased this week and previous include of Montreal, David Bowie (in the 1990s), Duke Ellington and 10,000 Maniacs.

Operation Every Band
8. Operation Every Band
Operation Every Band follows “12 up-and-coming bands as they prepare to break into the greater music community. Each post gives us a glimpse into what’s going on in the bands lives and sometimes has exclusive videos. A lot of the current bands are personal favorites here at Paste. The complete list is: James Vincent McMorrow, The Naked and Famous, Dessa, Empress Hotel, David Wax Museum, The Limousines, Sarah Jaffe, The Head and the Heart, Mack Lemore & Ryan Lewis, Lost in the Trees, Yuck and The Civil Wars.

Piano Across America
9. Piano Across America
A man named Dotan is travelling across America playing his upright piano on the streets of America’s finest cities. It’s a simple idea, but a very large task. He completed his original tour across the country on Sept. 5, but on the Tumblr he says that he’s only going to stay home for a few months. In the meantime, checking out his travels is totally worth it. There are a lot of photographs, which also makes this a great travel blog, as well as video of him performing. Dotan included every city he visited in a list on the side of the site. Seeing the list really makes his journey seem quite epic.

Private Noise
10. Private Noise
The description for the site is “Pictures of people listening to music. And the music they’re listening to.” Each post includes photos of random people who were stopped in various locations around Brooklyn with their headphones and includes an interview about the exact song they were just listening to. Recent songs included “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins, “Good Life” by OneRepublic, “Crazy Dreams” by Patsy Cline and “Last Known Surroundings” by Explosions in the Sky. What’s interesting about this blog isn’t the music they are actually listening to, but hearing how passionate random fans are about the bands they listen to.

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