15 Great Music-Related Pumpkins

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With Halloween coming up, it’s a great time of the year to celebrate with all things pumpkin: beer, pie and now, your favorite musicians. We combed the internet to find some of our favorite music-related pumpkins. What are some of yours?

1. Kanye West
Carved by Barry Cann
The shutter shades are the mark of a true showman.


2. Sufjan Stevens
Carving by June Hatfield
Courtesy Volume Knob
A pumpkin to go with your glowing neon body suit and angel wings.


3. Radiohead
Via Guyism.com
Radiohead’s most-recognized symbol meets a pumpkin.


4. Kurt Cobain
Via lebrunner2002’s Flikr
A glowing tribute to the former Nirvana frontman.


5. Gorillaz
Via Sowa3’s DeviantArt Page
A pumpkin-flavored take on one of the coolest cartoon musicians.


6. Slash
Via Cherrybombed.com
The sunglasses and top hat still look just as iconic.


7. The Beatles
Via imalisawork’s Flikr
The Fab Four immortalized in orange.


8. Brown Bird
Via Brown Bird’s Facebook. Carving by Megan Thoma.
A pumpkin based off of the band’s new album, Salt for Salt.


9. AC/DC
Via WXRT.com
An impressive rendition of the Highway to Hell album.


10. Ted Nugent
Photo via Rolling Stone, carved by Mark Ratliff
An almost too-accurate portrait of the Motor City Madman


11. Kiss
Via Masterpiecepumpkin.com
With all of the makeup and blood, Kiss is a great band to keep around during Halloween.


12. Metallica
Via MetalInjection.net
A cool tribute to the band’s worst album.


13. The Rolling Stones
Via Rolling Stone
With an iconic logo like that, they were bound to get a pumpkin.


14. Slayer
Via Smileodon’s Deviant Art
One of metal’s darkest bands gets a pumpkin


15. Led Zeppelin
Via SmithThePumpkinCarver
A pitch-perfect version of Led Zeppelin IV’s liner notes.


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