25 Musicians Reflect On Steve Jobs' Influence

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25 Musicians Reflect On Steve Jobs' Influence

Steve Jobs’ impact on the music industry can’t be understated. Just ask nearly any musician and they attest to Apple being part of their creative process—whether recording, listening or composing. In a decade-plus of turmoil and instability, Apple has stood not only as a game changer in the music industry, but also has prevailed a major source of inspiration and progress that will continue for years to come. As one musician put it, “It’s hard to remember just how everything worked before iTunes, iPods, etc…”

Paste spoke with 25 musicians about how Steve Jobs and Apple changed the game for them and their musical careers. Check out responses, including ones from Colin Meloy, Joseph Arthur and Cowboy Junkies below.

Theophilus London

I’m very saddened by the news of Steve Jobs’ passing. I have always admired and been inspired by his innovation and vision to change the way we use technology. Apple products play a major role in my day to day life and are a great compliment to my creative process. My prayers are with his family.

Colin Meloy
The Decemberists

My dad brought home a squat, beige Mac in ‘84. I played Dark Castle and wrote stories on it. It changed everything. Thanks, Mr. Jobs.

Stanton McConnell

It’s been said that with the advent of written language, mankind was first able to exist beyond the present moment. They could write down their memory or experience, which, in theory, would be preserved forever, allowing them to always have that experience, a sort of immortality. From an artist’s standpoint, Apple’s innovations have allowed me to do this with my songwriting—to create in the moment, quickly and easily document the emotion, inspiration, etc., and to return to it later. And the best part is that it isn’t clumsy or intrusive to the creative process to do so. With GarageBand, the videos on Photobooth and even the voice recorder on the iPhone, their programs have allowed me to exist beyond the present.

Chris Olson
Chappo’s “Come Here” was featured in an iTouch commerical in 2010.

Thank you Mr. Jobs, for being one of the crazy ones. Thanks for dropping out of college, backpacking across India, & coming up with zany ideas like phones that live & breath. And for allowing people to jam to any music they can think of, anywhere, anytime. While seeing your mom’s face from thousands of miles away. And then bothering to use music of unknown bands to advertise these weird future phones. There are countless technological reasons to appreciate this man, but for us, it’s very personal. Thanks Steve Jobs. You’ve set the bar very high for those that will follow, and You’ve made an impact on our band that will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace.

Nortec Collective presents: Bostich + Fussible

Steve Jobs  revolutionized not only the music industry, but how we enjoy music in general. Each of his inventions reinvented the way music is created. So was in our generation and so will be in generations to come.