Eight Reasons NBC Should Keep Community Alive

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Last night, NBC announced its mid-season lineup and to our dismay Community was not on it. The show has been temporarily shelved but will eventually return to finish its third season. The news makes a fourth season less likely, and that would be a damned shame. Here’s eight reasons NBC should keep America’s best comedy on the air.

8. Dean Pelton’s Costumes
The fabulous dean of Greendale (Jim Rash) began as a one-note joke, but found his way into our hearts with his love for over-the-top costumes and Jeff (Joel McHale). He’s dressed up as Lady Gaga, Catwoman, Tina Turner and Scarlett O’Hara, and his enthusiasm will not be extinguished.

7. Wacky Guest Stars
While the main characters are all loveable, the wacky guest stars send the series over the top. Patton Oswalt’s Nurse Jackie was so great Dan Harmon is trying to get Oswalt back on the show to reprise the role. Professor Professorson (real name Sean Garrity) played by Kevin Corrigan perfectly exemplified the quirky attitude of the show. And John Goodman is perfect as the intimidating dean of Greendale’s successful refrigeration-repair school. But none could top LeVar Burton in one of the most laugh-out-loud moments in recent television history. “YOU CAN’T DISAPPOINT A PICTURE!!!”

6. Pop Culture References
How many films and television shows do you reference a day? Probably a lot. Community acknowledges that they live in our world. From throwing Pulp Fiction-inspired birthday parties to playing Dungeons & Dragons; from reenacting the pottery love-making scene from Ghost all the way to getting hashtags (#AnniesMove) to trend on Twitter, the show has encompassed all of us into one unified reality.

5. Britta-ing
To Britta is to mess up something so simple in such an epic way. Britta (Gillian Jacobs) often screws up the simplest tasks like buying a chemistry book instead of a biology book, but sometimes things are even more dire. For instance she sends the entire group into a frenzy because she can’t read how to scan a bubble sheet. If you Britta a Britta party it’s like letting poop spoil. NBC Britta-ed when it decided to bench Community last night and we will not stand for it.

4. Paintball Episodes
Nobody thought that Dan Harmon and crew could top “Modern Warfare,” the much talked about paintball episode from the first season. But last season’s two-part finale went above and beyond with homages to spaghetti westerns in “A Fistful of Paintballs” and transitioned to Star Wars in “For a Few More Paintballs.” While the 3rd season will air eventually, we couldn’t live with just three episodes of paintball fury.

3. Annie’s Boobs
No, not Annie Edison’s (Alison Brie) breasts, but the monkey the study group found and Troy lovingly named Annie’s Boobs. The last important show to feature a pet monkey was NBC’s Friends and that lasted 10 seasons. If no other plot from Community proves that the show is the cleverest currently on television, Annie’s Boobs puts the cherry on the top.


2. Holiday Episodes
While other shows may embrace themes for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, community puts the extravaganza back in holiday extravaganza: the claymation episode for “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas,” (“sorry, silicon based sculpts, with foam rubber bodies articulated with ball joints”); a zombie invasion at Halloween thanks to mislabeled bean-dip from the military supply store; and Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) inviting everyone over for Christmas even though none of them are the ‘right’ religion.

1. Troy and Abed
Forget Felix and Oscar, Starsky and Hutch, or Scarecrow and Mrs. King. The crafty and hilarious Donald Glover and Danny Pudi comprise one of the best duos in television history. From the very beginning, they stole our hearts with “Spanish 101 Rap” and made us all nearly pee our absurdest pants when Troy and Abed in the Morning debuted. Plus, we just started to be let into a world where they live together, and that can only get better.

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