5 Musicians Who Grew Up As Military Brats

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Ryan Kattner (Honus Honus)
Man Man, Mister Heavenly

Tell us about your family’s role in the military?
My grandfather, who I never had a chance to meet, was an airplane mechanic on a carrier in the South Pacific during WWII. He painted nose cone art, pin-up girls and such on the bombers he worked on. He enlisted right before Pearl Harbor so he was unlucky enough to be in for the duration of the entire war. My father, who was a surfer in Corpus Cristi, Texas before he joined the Air Force, ended up serving for over two decades and retiring as a Colonel. He was a navigator for C-130’s. Now, he’s an Austinite and occasionally has a beard.


How many places did you call home growing up? Where did you live?
Texas, Philippines, South Carolina, Germany, Illinois, Alabama, Missouri.

How did the experience of being a military brat impact you?
I went to high school in Alabama—that can have a serious effect on anybody. It’s amazing [that] I didn’t end up on a chain gang after all the Everclear and Natty Light I drank. I guess being an Air Force brat mostly imparted a restlessness that keeps me drifting, and an ability to adjust to whatever environment I’m thrown into. And it made me weird. I had a flat top once. Unflattering.

Did it play a role in you becoming a musician? If so, how?
Nope. I blame playing music on bad life decisions. Huzzah!

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