The 100 Best Twitter Accounts of 2011

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Twitter crossed the 100 million active Twitter count this year, and we searched through all of them (okay, it only felt like that) to come up with our 100 favorite Twitter accounts. Our bias towards music and comedy is obvious throughout. Here are the 100 Best Twitter Accounts of 2011:

jenkirkman.jpg 75. Jen Kirkman – @JenKirkman
Twitter Bio: Comedian, writer, actor. Seen on Chelsea Lately, Drunk History, Conan, Acceptable TV, Home Movies & more. I’m also Southie from the Pod F. Tompkast podcast.
Followers: 63k
Best Recent Tweet: Gonna start a magazine called, “If You’re Not Scarlett Johannson or Angelina Jolie…Kill Yourself, Ugly.” Think it will sell like hotcakes?
In 140 characters: Another funny comedian sharing her best material.

sgs.jpg 74. Shit Girls Say – @shitgirlssay
Twitter Bio: Could you pass me that blanket?
Followers: 227k
Best Recent Tweet: The thing is, I shouldn’t have to ask.
In 140 characters: Now with YouTube montage.

beyoncejayfetus.jpg 73. Beyonce/Jay’s Fetus – @BeyonceJayFetus
Twitter Bio: Didn’t I look great at VMA’s? (
Followers: 8k
Best Recent Tweet: Lord please give me the strength to deal with all of my future pre-school teachers reporting my lunchbox goods to page six.
In 140 characters: Tweeting from the womb is so Hollywood.

mountain_goats.jpg 72. The Mountain Goats – @mountain_goats
Twitter Bio: born howling
Followers: 28k
Best Recent Tweet: It’s always wrong to hurt people, unless they’re talking smack about the second Queen album.
In 140 characters: John Darnielle’s deep catalog is filled with wry humor and observation; so is his Twitter account.

andyb.jpg 71. Andy Borowitz – @BorowitzReport
Twitter Bio: There is a fine line between social networking and wasting your fucking life.
Followers: 148k
Best Recent Tweet: Romney: “We need to round up all the illegal aliens in the nation and make them mow my lawn.” #iowadebate
In 140 characters: Best political satire on Twitter.

StVincent.jpg 70. St. Vincent – @st_vincent
Followers: 393k
Best Recent Tweet: Best misread titles of “Strange Mercy” by journalists: “Strange Mystery” (redundant) & “Strange Horsey” (my equestrian side project.)
In 140 characters: Annie Clark is always charming.

aziz.jpg 69. Aziz Ansari – @azizansari
Twitter Bio: I’m an actor/comedian. I play Tom on Parks and Recreation on NBC. I also like food a lot.
Followers: 1.4 million
Best Recent Tweet: LA people – these wolves or coyotes that come down late at night, do they eat people?? Having way too many close calls!!
In 140 characters: His bio says it all.

ruthbuzzi.jpg 68. Ruth Buzzi – @Ruth_A_Buzzi
Twitter Bio: Retired comedic actress caring deeply about life, love, animals and hopefully dispensing powerful medicine for a troubled world – laughter.
Followers: 20k
Best Recent Tweet: #AskAuntRuthie Do you have any advice for us today, Aunt Ruthie? Answer: Just this: Never have a heart attack while playing Charades.
Runner-Up: Now that the United States’s credit rating is downgraded, why don’t we just steal some other country’s identity?
In 140 characters: Twitter is way better than Florida.

tedleo.jpg 67. Ted Leo – @TedLeo
Twitter Bio: Journeyman/Virgo-Dog/Bodhichitta Warrior in training
Followers: 24k
Best Recent Tweet: After we ‘did it’, Kim Jong-il goes, “I hear modern gals don’t snuggle, should I go?” I was like, “Aw, no! The cab fare back to NK is nuts!”
In 140 characters: The chief Pharmacist is wry, funny and unafraid to stir things up with his tweets.

seinfeld.jpg 66. Jerry Seinfeld – @JerrySeinfeld
Twitter Bio:
Followers: 576k
Best Recent Tweet: Comedy is just complaining in an entertaining way. Enterplaining.
In 140 characters: The master enterplainer.

toddbarry.jpg 65. Todd Barry – @toddbarry
Twitter Bio: Watch. Email list Next shows: Edinburgh, Boston, Los Angeles, Collinsville, CT.
Followers: 142k
Best Recent Tweet: I know a lot of you don’t like the Kindle commercial, but you have to admit the part when she goes “really” is pretty great.
In 140 characters: Author of some of the least successful hashtags like #introduceyourself, as in: When you #introduceyourself say “Hi! My name is Todd!” but replace “Todd” with your name and “Hi!” with “Hey there!”

JoshM.jpg 64. Joshua Malina – @JoshMalina
Twitter Bio: Chanteuse québécoise.
Followers: 39k
Best Recent Tweet: Please sign up for my #Ted talk: “Twitter’s Good For Short Little Jokes.”
In 140 characters: He portrayed two of the greatest Sorkin characters and he’s as witty as both.

KristinHersh.jpg 63. Kristin Hersh – kristinhersh
Twitter Bio: musician, writer, mother of four boys
Followers: 83k
Best Recent Tweet: i keep absentmindedly killing little spiders with my guitar pick…which i hold in my teeth between takes
In 140 characters: Fans of the Throwing Muses singer have learned that any complement will get some electronic hugs and kisses, but buried in all that love are some entertaining obesrvations.

lauren.jpg 62. Lauren Ashley Bishop – @sbellelauren
Twitter Bio: i’m a comedian from arkansas. i live in LA. but i comede all over. please & thank you
Followers: 14k
Best Recent Tweet: the smell of cinnabon hit me in the face so hard when i deplaned i thought it was chris brown
In 140 characters: Her Twitter makes us want to see her stand-up. Oh wait,

fakeeetiquette.jpg 61. Fake e-Etiquette – @FakeeEtiquette
Twitter Bio: Daily tips for proper internet conduct. Your etiquette questions answered. E-mail: FakeeEtiquette at gmail dot com
Followers: 11k
Best Recent Tweet: It is just as wrong to complain about sponsored tweets as it is to deny yourself the delicious, healthy flavor of Lean Cuisine.
In 140 characters: Helping us keep Internet flames alive.

michaelbay.jpg 60. Fake Michael Bay – @michael_bay__
Twitter Bio: The original imposter. All others are imposter imposters.
Followers: 14k
Best Recent Tweet: Occupied a Prada store for 45 minutes today. They had a 1% off sale. Genius. Boom.
In 140 characters: The Twitter background is a mushroom cloud.

mindy.jpg 59. Mindy Kaling – @mindykaling
Twitter Bio: writer/performer/shopper
Followers: 1.6 million
Best Recent Tweet: Oh for Christ’s sake LA, I’m not valeting my car at this vegan small plates place
In 140 characters: As The Office fades, she only grows stronger.

nekocase.jpg 58. Neko Case – @NekoCase
Followers: 35k
Best Recent Tweet: Doing a photo shoot at my house. Marty the cat just brought the photographer a live mouse. #hospitality
In 140 characters: We were interested enough by her blog and Twitter to ask her to write about her favorite things for a Paste cover story.

cobra.jpg 57. Bronx Zoo’s Cobra – @BronxZoosCobra
Twitter Bio: I’m an Egyptian cobra back from being out on the town.
Followers: 219k
Best Recent Tweet: Anyone know of a great Cyber Monday deal on glass cutters? Asking for a friend.
In 140 characters: This snake can’t be contained.

seth.jpg 56. Seth Meyers – @sethmeyers21
Followers: 941k
Best Recent Tweet: Sometimes Thursday football feels like Sunday football that was taken out of the oven too early.
In 140 characters: Weekend updates of his fantasy football team.

Arjun.jpg 55. Arjun Basu – @arjunbasu
Twitter Bio: Author, writer, editor, Shorty Award winner (though I’m not that short), foodie, husband, dad. Creating Twisters, 140-character short stories.
Followers: 141k
Best Recent Tweet: The doctor hovered over him. Behind, a gaggle of nurses. And orderlies. The doctor held up an x-ray. How did that get inside you? he asked.
In 140 characters: Masterful short-short-storytelling.

billy.jpg 54. Billy Corgan – Billy
The pro-wrestling magnate has been on Twitter long enough to have the handle “Billy.”
Twitter Bio: The official twitter account of William Patrick Corgan
Followers: 132k
Best Recent Tweet: I’ve got tears in my eyes writing this: congrats to the Santo family on Ron’s election to MLB Hall of Fame. A good day to be a Cub fan
In 140 characters: No other human has his same set of passions/interests.

homer.jpg 53. Homer J. Simpson – @HomerJSimpson
Twitter Bio: Official Twitter for Homer Simpson
Followers: 503k
Best Recent Tweet: Stupid Flanders is just now getting around to putting up his Xmas lights. I’ve had mine up for 3 years!
In 140 characters: D’oh.

schaal.jpg 52. Kristen Schall – @kristenschaaled
Twitter Bio: Comedian, actress, writer.
Followers: 136k
Best Recent Tweet: Hollywood is so into remakes! I’m pitching my Hugo remake tomorrow.
In 140 characters: Bob’s Burgers is coming back March 11.

stewie-griffin.jpg 51. Stewie Griffin – @StewieGriffin
Twitter Bio: I am Stewie Griffin, YOU WILL BOW TO ME!
Followers: 60k
Best Recent Tweet: Easy! Massage the scalp. You’re washing a baby’s hair, not scrubbing vomit off your Christmas dress, you holiday drunk
In 140 characters: Tweeting with the venom of someone 20 times his age.