The 100 Best Twitter Accounts of 2011

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Twitter crossed the 100 million active Twitter count this year, and we searched through all of them (okay, it only felt like that) to come up with our 100 favorite Twitter accounts. Our bias towards music and comedy is obvious throughout. Here are the 100 Best Twitter Accounts of 2011:

hipster.jpg 50. HIPSTER RUNOFF – @hipsterrunoff
Twitter Bio: Hipster Runoff is a blog worth blogging about.
Followers: 71k
Best Recent Tweet: Sometimes I feel like Skrillex is the only person in the world who truly understands me.
In 140 characters: He is Carles.

tomwaits.jpg 49. Tom Waits – @tomwaits
Twitter Bio: Bad As Me’ Available Now. Tweets courtesy of ANTI- Records
Followers: 115k
Best Recent Tweet: The sound of a helicopter is really annoying until you’re drowning…Then it sounds like music.
In 140 characters: When Johnny Cash died, Tom Waits became the coolest person on earth.

raintat.jpg 48. Rainn Wilson – @rainnwilson
Twitter Bio: I am an actor and a writer and I co-created SoulPancake and my son, Walter.
Followers: 2.7 million
Best Recent Tweet: I wanna be the voice of the guy who warns you at the airport that the moving walkway is ending.
In 140 characters: Funny and deep.

bens.jpg 47. Ben Schwartz – @rejectedjokes
Twitter Bio: Jean-Ralphio on Parks and Rec, Clyde Oberholt on House of Lies, Bill Hoyt on UnderCovers, Performer at the UCB Theatre, Calvin and Hobbes enthusiast.
Followers: 47k
Best Recent Tweet: “A lot of wood, so stop fucking asking.” – a woodchuck in response to everyone’s question
In 140 characters: For when you can’t get enough of Parks and Rec’s Jean-Ralphio.

ofmontreal.png 46. Of Montreal – xxofMontrealxx
Twitter Bio: the real, official, whatever for the band, of Montreal. Yes, it’s us.
Followers: 17k
Best Recent Tweet: I’m very happy to say, our new album “paralytic stalks” is finished! can’t wait to share it with the world!
In 140 characters: So wonderfully strange, that Kevin Barnes.

disalm.jpg 45. Disalmanac – @Disalmanac
Twitter Bio: All of this will be on the test. Blog: Contact: (no submissions). Disalmanac is @batemanimation.
Followers: 31k
Best Recent Tweet: Today in 1873, Ford Maddox Ford was born. Crazy cattle could cross the river near his car dealership, the Ford Maddox Ford Ford Mad Ox Ford.
In 140 characters: Because Twitter isn’t just for actual information anymore.

donaldglover.jpg 44. Donald Glover – @DonaldGlover
Twitter Bio: Donald/Childish Gambino.
Followers: 315k
Best Recent Tweet: I didn’t realize how much flushing was breaking the tension in bathrooms. Waterless urinals are real life.
In 140 characters: Topping the list of “Most Paste List Appearances” this list season.

abd.jpg 43. Animals Being Dicks – @AnimalsBeDicks
Twitter Bio: The official twitter account of Animals Being Dicks.
Followers: 14k
Best Recent Tweet: Draggin’ Ass – Jeff had a weird nervous habit whenever the cameras were rolling.
In 140 characters: What’s funnier than animated GIFs of animals being…well, just watch.

jasonisbell.jpg 42. Jason Isbell – @JasonIsbell
Bio: Come on. I just bought these pants!
Followers: 13k
Best Recent Tweet: Seriously, folks who want a dead Bon Jovi, have you ever had to dispose of a human body? From New Jersey?
In 140 characters: The former Drive-By Trucker and current frontman to the 400 Unit may sing all serious-like, but his Twitter is pretty hilarious.

conan.jpg 41. Conan O’Brien – @conanobrien
Twitter Bio: The voice of the people. Sorry, people.
Followers: 4.5 million
Best Recent Tweet: They discovered bed bugs can procreate with their siblings. This is not the image boost bed bugs needed.
In 140 characters: To find out why we were #teamcoco visit http://twitter/com/jayleno.

erykah.jpg 40. Erykah Badu – @fatbellybella
Twitter Bio: i will not pop 4u or break 4u or hate for u or even hate u …Suheir Hammad
Followers: 481k
Best Recent Tweet: Some body just told me. “god bless u ” outta no where. Now im worried.
In 140 characters: It’s openness and accessibility that make Erykah Badu’s Twitter particularly captivating—she once live-tweeted the home birth of her child.

chuckn.png 39. Chuck Norris – @chuck_facts
Twitter Bio: Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.
Followers: 111k
Best Recent Tweet: A solar eclipse is the result of the sun accidentally making eye contact with Chuck Norris.
In 140 characters: In the beginning, there was Chuck…

jimgaffigan.jpg 38. Jim Gaffigan – @jimgaffigan
Twitter Bio: Husband to hot wife, father of 4, comedian, actor, writer, former sleeper
Followers: 836k
Best Recent Tweet: At most holiday parties I feel like the bowl of salsa after the guacamole has been brought to the table.
In 140 characters: Hot pockets.

robinp.jpg 37. Robin Pecknold – @RPecknold
Followers: 9k
Best Recent Tweet: Dreams about touring are wasted dreams. I could be flying a crystal dragon to the top of Olympus Mons, not looking for the dressing room.
In 140 characters: Fleet Foxes frontman

amanda.jpg 36. Amanda Palmer – @amandapalmer
Twitter Bio: piano-slayer, ukulele-freak, singer, blogger, lover & co-founder of the brechtian punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls.
Followers: 531k
Best Recent Tweet: 1st melbourne ninja gig = successful!!! hopped on a bar, played to a relatively amused baby.
In 140 characters: She and husband Neil Gaiman are charming oversharers, giving the Twitterverse an often unedited look at the unique couple.

patton.jpg 35. Patton Oswalt – @pattonoswalt
Twitter Bio: Mr. Oswalt is a former wedding deejay from Northern Virginia.
Followers: 561k
Best Recent Tweet: “Oh, FUCK me.” — Hitchens, being presented with a double Balvenie & water back by Jesus, Voltaire & Orwell at the Pearly Gates.
In 140 characters: Noticing a stand-up comic trend here yet?

darthvader_reasonably_small.jpg 34. Darth Vader – @DepressedDarth
Twitter Bio: Judging you all from a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. Complaints:
Followers: 103k
Best Recent Tweet: “Say hello to my little friend.” -Scarface introducing Yoda
In 140 characters: Broke, single and homeless, Darth no longer can destroy planets, and that’s a real bitch.

sarahks.jpg 33. Sarah Silverman – @SarahKSilverman
Twitter Bio: I am a monkey
Followers: 2.4m
Best Recent Tweet: Twice a day I look at the clock and go, “Hey! 9:11!” then I remember to get really really sad
Runner-Up: My dog has to think the elevator’s a time machine, right? There’s no other possible explanation.
In 140 characters: Trivia: She was fired from SNL via fax in 1994, which explains much of SNL since 1994.

coulton.jpg 32. Jonathan Coulton – @jonathancoulton
Twitter Bio: musician/internet superstar
Followers: 74k
Best Recent Tweet: Not understanding the internet is no longer charming and cute. Seriously, can we make congressional candidates take some kind of test?
In 140 characters: No surprise that a musician who built his fanbase via the Internet would have mastered Twitter.

joshuaallen.jpg 31. Joshua Allen – @fireland
Twitter Bio: cockblocking beats
Followers: 42k
Best Recent Tweet: The indentations on his knuckles said he liked punching kids with braces. “You’re hired,” I said. “We need men like you here at Del Taco.”
In 140 characters: Another freelance writer sharing his wit for free.

JonWurster.jpg 30. Jon Wurster – @JonWurster
Twitter Bio: It’s nice to be nice to the nice.
Followers: 17k
Best Recent Tweet: John Adams was considered to be loud, obnoxious and an all-around D. George Washington even called him “The Donald Trump of now.”
In 140 characters: Superchunk’s drummer has the unfair advantage of also being a professional comedian on The Best Show.

NickK.jpg 29. Nicholas Kristof – @NickKristof
Twitter Bio: New York Times columnist, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner,
Followers: 1.2m
Best Recent Tweet: I suggest that Bahrain officials avoid torturing and imprisoning @AngryArabiya. Some day she could be their president.
In 140 characters: Journalist as hero for those in greatest need.

friendfromhspic.jpg 28. Your Friend From High School – @FriendFromHS
Twitter Bio: We went to high school together and you totally at least enjoyed me somewhat. Now you left but I still live in our hometown and I am LUV’N IT! HAHA
Followers: 54k
Best Recent Tweet: DA NEW FACEBOK IZ FUCKIN BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! worst day of my lyfe since grandpa died skiing!!!!!!!
In 140 characters: You know the one.

questo.png 27. ?uestlove – @Questlove
Twitter Bio: your favorite twitterer’s favorite music snob.
Followers: 1.6 million
Best Recent Tweet: taking 5 outside the @VH1Divas & ran into a hero of mine. Sugarhill house drummer @klbdrum first drummer of hip ho
In 140 characters: The Roots’ drummer is passionate about all kinds of music.

pft.jpg 26. Paul F Tompkins – @PFTompkins
Twitter Bio: Hubris!
Followers: 219k
Best Recent Tweet: You know how, when someone turns into a werewolf, they become more of a hassle? That’s like this new twitter. Same type of thing.
In 140 characters: The world’s most prolific (and funniest) podcaster.