The 30 Best Saturday Night Live Characters

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20. Ambiguously Gay Duo
Growing up I always knew there was something odd about Ace and Gary, but I just couldn’t put my finger in it. The tights-wearing, ass-slapping pair always seemed to find themselves cornered in a tight hole, but they somehow managed to pull themselves out of every sticky situation. I’m not judging their peculiar ways though. I have respect for a couple of guys who can give evil the shaft. It may not always be pretty, but they can go to sleep at night satisfied. And with a cast of able-bodied men like Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell, there’s really just no avoiding the truth: the Ambiguously Gay Duo is a powerful asset in Saturday Night Live’s lineup. Watch the Duo’s latest adventure (with cameos by Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon) here. – Clint Alwahab

19. The Continental – Christopher Walken
This parody of Renzo Cesana’s CBS series The Continental became a classic role for Christopher Walken. The skits, shot from a woman’s point of view (we never see her face, just her white silk gloves pushing The Continental away) expose Walken as a suave/not-so-suave ladies’ man who often borders sexual predation. In 2002 Walken was quoted about doing a Continental movie, saying, “The problem with the Continental is that he never leaves his house.”

18. Dieter – Mike Myers
The Sprockets vocabulary:
1. “Touch my monkey!”
2. “Liebe mein affe-monkey!” (Love my monkey!)
3. “I’m as happy as a little girl!”
4.”Now is ze time on Sprockets vhen ve dance!”

17. Pat – Julia Sweeney
Pat is probably a woman, but that doesn’t really matter. Call her Patrick, call him Patricia. Just don’t mistake him for the coach of a professional basketball team—or ask her middle name or any gender identifying questions for that matter. It won’t affect Pat, it’ll just drive you crazy.

16. Debbie Downer — Rachel Dratch
Did you know that Mad Cow’s Disease can live in your body before it can ravage your brain? Wah-wah! Debbie Downer has no qualms about telling you depressing facts to ruin your day. Everything she says is so awful, you can’t help but laugh thanks to how uncomfortable Debbie is. The first sketch that she was in was so absurd even the actors couldn’t fight back laughing out loud. – Adam Vitcavage

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