The 30 Best Saturday Night Live Characters

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15. Bill Swerski’s Chicago Superfans
These superfans would die for Da Bears, Da Bulls and all things Chicago. There were so many classic guest appearances from George Wendt, John Goodman and even Michael Jordan that it’s easy to forget that there was a core group of Chicago faithful who loved ribs, Polish sausage and above all else, legendary coach Mike Ditka. Their exaggerated accents only highlighted how hilarious the conversations between the superfans were. – Adam Vitcavage

14. Mary Katherine Gallagher — Molly Shannon
All she wanted to be was a superstar! And in our eyes Mary Katherine Gallagher most certainly was. Of course she also most certainly does not have proper social skills, but that’s why she is so loveable. Whether she’s sticking her hands underneath her armpits or feeling herself up, Mary Katherine never loses sight of her dreams, even though sometimes she should definitely just let go. – Adam Vitcavage

13. Mr. Bill
When popular demand requested a segment of home movies, SNL gave the world Mr. Bill: a talking, walking, clay figurine that faces danger with his dog Spot and suffers numerous indignities at the hands of Mr. Hands.

12. Samurai Futaba – John Belushi
He has honor, speaks mock Japanese and wields a katana. If a location is inappropriate for a samurai, it’s guaranteed he will arrive, with perfect skill! Really, he’s got skill.

11. Linda Richman – Mike Myers
Mike Myers created Linda Richman as a spoof of his real life mother-in-law and introduced us to a woman who loves Barbra Streisand and taking calls from fans because it’s no big whoop. Seeing Myers in drag is hilarious, but it’s how he presents himself that makes Linda an unforgettable character. Her stereotypical Jewish woman is full of ongoing gags that are undeniably funny because of how true they are. The only way to describe Linda Richman is: “like buttah.” – Adam Vitcavage

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