Five Musicians Show Off Their Pets

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Five Musicians Show Off Their Pets

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, a lot of us are realizing who our true companions with undying devotion are: our pets. We talked to five indie artists about their furry friends, and from Hutch Harris’ aggressive cat to Elizabeth Ziman’s bunny, the results were funny, adorable and sometimes shocking.

Name: CeCe
Companion’s Name: Hutch Harris (The Thermals, Forbidden Friends)


What breed is CeCe?
I don’t know what breed CeCe is.  I know almost nothing about her early life.  She is a mystery.

How did CeCe come into your life?
I got her in 2008. A friend of mine knew I wanted a cat.  He and his girlfriend were taking care of a stray.  Their elderly neighbors had purchased an antique dresser and found CeCe in one of the drawers. They tried to keep her but eventually threw her out of their house, calling her “the devil cat.” She seemed really sweet when I went to my friend’s house to meet her.  His girlfriend told me CeCe liked to eat avocado and watch TV.  Neither of those things are true. But I have seen “the devil cat” side of her more than once.

What is CeCe like?
She is very friendly, loves people. Very meowy, loves to talk. And VERY violent.  I’ve seen her kill at least four mice, decapitating one and eating the head. She also brought a live bird into my apartment. Also she is a FIEND for the laser pointer. It’s how I trained her to be such a good hunter.

Who takes care of CeCe when you’re on the road?
No less than seven beautiful girls have taken turns watching CeCe while we are on tour, and they all love her to death.

Hutch and CeCe in Forbidden Friends’ “Totally Low”

Forbidden Friends “Totally Low” from Kill Rock Stars on Vimeo.

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