Five Musicians Show Off Their Pets

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With Valentine’s Day just behind us, a lot of us are realizing who our true companions with undying devotion are: our pets. We talked to five indie artists about their furry friends, and from Hutch Harris’ aggressive cat to Elizabeth Ziman’s bunny, the results were funny, adorable and sometimes shocking.

Name: Walter White (Paste approves the reference))
Companion’s Name: Katy Goodman (La Sera, Vivian Girls)

Photo by Gina Cella

How old is Walter?
He is almost six months old.

What breed is Walter?
I think he is an American Shorthair…he’s an orange and white tabby.

What’s Walter Like?
He is very outgoing and he talks a lot.  If I stop petting him and walk away he will jump on my legs and climb up my back (which is very painful). I am trying to train him to stop doing that.  However, he does do a cool trick where he jumps up into my arms. He will nap on me all day long, but as soon as I want to fall asleep he plays the “scratch Katy in the face” game until I wake up.  

Who takes care of Walter when you’re on the road?
I haven’t gone on the road since I’ve gotten him, but in March, my friend is going to keep him at her house while I’m gone for three weeks.

Katy’s forthcoming album with La Sera, Sees The Light, is out March 27 on Hardly Art.

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