25 Albums We're Looking Forward to in 2013

Music Lists
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It’s only nine days into the year, and already we’ve heard so much about what to expect in music. Most notably, we got a surprise announcement from David Bowie for his first album in a decade, but we also can’t wait to hear what new material comes from Arcade Fire and the much-buzzed-about My Bloody Valentine album. Below, we’ve listed 25 albums we’re really looking forward to this year. List your own in the comment box below.

Christopher-Owens-Lysandre.jpeg 5. Christopher Owens – Lysandre
Release Date: January 14
After an incredible album in 2011 with Father, Son, Holy Ghost, it was a surprise to many that Christopher Owens split with Girls and went the solo route. This time, with more saxophone, classical guitar and a lofty concept for the album, Lysandre acts as another peek into Owens’ songbook we couldn’t have predicted.—Tyler Kane

tumblr_mg0yattPAn1qans7eo1_1280.jpeg 4. Beck – TBA
Many were disappointed that Beck’s first physical release of new music since 2008’s “Modern Guilt” came in Beck Hansen’s Song Reader. Sure, it was new material, but it was just sheet music. But those without musical talent supposedly won’t have to wait too long for more from Beck. In fact, Beck has hinted that he might have two albums arrive in 2013. It’s been a long time coming, but that much Beck is well worth the wait.—Ross Bonaime

vampireweekend.jpeg 3. Vampire Weekend – TBA
Release Date: Expected in spring
Only a few days ago, Vampire Weekend singer Ezra Koenig announced that his band’s newest album could be released as soon as the spring. Sounds good, considering that Vampire Weekend’s previous two albums have been perfect albums to kick off the hotter months. But Koenig also stated that this third album should be much darker than what is expected, and will also be the first album with outside production help. Even if it’s as dark as a starless New England night, expect the songs to be just as catchy as always.—Ross Bonaime

Thumbnail image for my-bloody-valentine-s01.jpeg 2. My Bloody Valentine – TBA
Release Date: Soon? Really, please, soon?
There are long waits for albums and then there’s the nearly two-decade wait we’ve had for a follow-up to My Bloody Valentine’s essential Loveless. Frontman Kevin Shields has teased it all year, saying, “I think with this record, people who like us will immediately connect with something.” The album is expected to be followed but another EP’s worth of material. And although the band has teased new material in the past, it looks like this is really happening. On Christmas Eve, the band confirmed on their Facebook page that a monumental final step (mastering the album) was complete. With a few tour dates already scheduled in early 2013, we’re looking forward to a full return for the band. The only question is how the recording will stack up after all this time and hype.—Tyler Kane

arcade-fire-300.jpeg 1. Arcade Fire – TBA
With Arcade Fire’s last album, The Suburbs, the band received their first #1 album and won Best Album at the Grammys. Let’s not forget it was one of our favorite albums of the year. More than ever, Arcade Fire has a lot to live up to. The band has been trying out new material in small shows and have announced that LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy will be contributing to the release. Expectations are high for Arcade Fire, but they haven’t let us down yet.—Ross Bonaime