The 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

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Super Bowl XLVII is over. The Baltimore Ravens won. And no matter which team you were pulling for to win the big one, there’s one thing we can all agree on: 2013 proved that there is no battle more fierce, no competition more intense than that of advertisers fighting for your attention and wallets. This year’s Super Bowl commercials were no exception. Companies spared no expense or ounce of creativity just to ensure that you’ll remember them and their products. Some flopped (We’re looking at you, Go Daddy.). Others warmed our hearts (You go, Ram.).

But they all took risks. Last night, they all threw the marketing equivalent of a Hail Mary pass. So who won?

You’ve got to read on to see our picks for the 10 best Super Bowl commercials of 2013 to find out.

10. Wonderful Pistachios – PSY Get Crackin’ (Gangnam Style):
Maybe we’re secretly hoping for the end of this song’s ubiquity. We can’t escape it and watching Psy ride a pistachio to Gangnam Style seems to be a fitting farewell to the song/viral meme. Plus, there were dancing pistachios. Enough said.

9. Hyundai – Epic Playdate
It was an adorable, whimsical family adventure that was even kind of reminiscent of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (especially that museum scene). And it even had the The Flaming Lips come along for the ride. What’s not to love?

8. Budweiser – Brotherhood
This was a surprising one from Budweiser. Normally, beer companies aren’t associated with warm, heartfelt stories like the one told in this commercial. But the commercial was well done and they get points for trying something new, something beyond the “our beer = fun parties” formula you usually see with beer commercials.

7. Coca-Cola – Cameras
It’s been rough few years for many people and sometimes in the midst of all that darkness you just start thinking that’s all there is. Just darkness, people you can’t trust and plain, unfortunate events. But in this commercial, in a small way, Coca-Cola tries to remind people that there is still light, that sometimes people really are nice and that even security cameras catch people performing good deeds along with committing bad ones. It’s an uplifting, yet interestingly conveyed message that celebrates the consumers it’s trying to attract.

6. Doritos – Goat 4 Sale
This was just so weird. So odd. But so funny all at the same time. And there’s something about that goat’s scream, that’s both hilarious and unnerving, that makes you want to watch it again and again.

5. Best Buy – Asking Amy
“Does it make you uncomfortable when I use the word ‘Dongle’?” Oh, Amy Poehler. So flirty and delightfully awkward. She asks all of the questions we’d be too embarrassed to ask and just comes off flawlessly funny.

4. Jeep – America Will Be Whole Again
You almost don’t want to call it a commercial since besides a few logos here and there, it really was about our troops and their families and the sacrifices they’ve made. A beautifully articulated tribute to our men and women in uniform.

3. Oreo – Whisper Fight
An absurdly funny commercial. Takes a simple fight over “the best part of an Oreo” and lets it escalate into increasingly destructive but hilarious ways. The best part? No matter what’s going on, everyone whispers. No one raises their voice. Not even the police. It is a library after all.

2. Ram Trucks – God Made a Farmer
If you weren’t aware of the level of hard work and diligence that goes into farming before, then you are now if you watched this commercial. The monologue was from a speech given at the 1978 National Future Farmers of America Convention by the late radio broadcaster Paul Harvey. A touching recognition of those who work tirelessly to provide much of the materials so fundamental to our daily lives. It’s a commercial that no doubt rendered many Super Bowl parties temporarily silent with its moving message. (And then loud with arguments about unethical farming megacorporations, subsidies and the overabundance of corn in our foods).

1. Kia – Space Babies
Need an inventive way to lie about explain where babies come from to your young son, in order to buy some time until you really have to say how it all actually happens? Kia’s got an answer for that. Space Babies. Adorable babies of all kinds. Launched into space. Yes, let all of the awesome that this commercial has to offer sink in. And if your kid still has questions, Kia’s Uvo can distract him with an impromptu sing-along. Perfect.

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