10 Misleading Movie Trailers

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You know when you go see a movie strictly because you saw a trailer that piqued your interest? Then, somewhere throughout your viewing experience you realize the film is nothing like what was previewed?

It’s happened to the best of us. We’re at the mercy of film marketers and when your job is all about ticket sales, you do anything you can to get box office sales up, especially releasing a trailer that may not be the best example of the movie people are about to see.

Fortunately, the movies portrayed by many of these misleading trailers are quite good, just in a very different way.

Here are 10 movie trailers that create expectations that don’t quite match up to reality.

10. Wall•E

The trailer: Looks like Disney and Pixar teamed up again to make an adventurous animated film about a lonely robot that wants to find companionship.

The film: Not quite as adventure-packed as the trailer portrays. In fact, the movie is quite contemplative; the first 20 minutes feel more like a silent film. The love story is not the center of the film either, a more prominent theme being the self-destructive nature of the human race.

9. National Treasure

The trailer: Looks like a film about treasure hunters who find a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Half the story seems to involve the founding fathers leaving the clues behind.

The film: The plot of the movie is pretty much what the trailer sets up. But many of the scenes in the trailer are nowhere to be found in the movie. The clips imply the film might spend some time in the past with the founding fathers and on ships at sea on stormy nights. Not so much.

8. The Fountain

The trailer: Looks like a romantic drama about a young man who is desperate to find/invent a cure for his dying wife. He promises to find it within this lifetime or next as we see him search in three different time settings.

The film: The film is much more abstract that the trailer shows, likely pulling in the wrong crowd. The film is beautiful, but the storyline isn’t nearly as straightforward as the trailer portrays.

7. Burn After Reading

The trailer: Looks like a quirky comedy from the Coen Brothers. Brad Pitt and George Clooney? Yes please!

The film: A much blacker comedy dealing with more serious undertones than we get from the trailer. Something viewers probably should have expected from the Coen Brothers.

6. Lost in Translation

The trailer: Looks like a comedy starring Bill Murray as an actor in a foreign country that finds an unlikely companionship in a young lady.

The film: While the film is deeply funny, it’s not as punch line-filled as the trailer might suggest. It deals with some very serious themes of loneliness, cultural differences and insomnia. The romantic comedy atmosphere the trailer gives doesn’t do justice to Sofia Coppola’s lovely film.

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