8 Great Film "Easter Eggs"

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8 Great Film "Easter Eggs"

Since your kids probably had all the fun this morning, now it’s time for a grown-up Easter egg hunt. Since the release of DVDs in the late ‘90s, manufacturers have been hiding secrets for watchers to discover. Some are easy, like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’s in-plain-sight link to a hilarious version of its cast performing the “Thriller” dance. But some are a little harder to come across (to be honest, we wonder how some fans discovered these in the first place…)

We’ve compiled eight of our favorites below with a little help from the broad resource that is the internet. List your own favorites (and how to find them) in the comment sections below. Happy hunting!

8. 28 Days Later’s Alternate Ending (Storyboard Style)
Go to “Alternate Ending” in the “Special Features” tab. Put the cursor over “Main Menu” and hit your remote’s right button. This should highlight an arrow, which will take you to an alternate ending through storyboards. (Via Since the makers felt it was interesting enough to hide within the DVD, we won’t spoil the surprise here. But it was called a “radical alternative ending” for a reason.

7. There’s Something for Everyone in Titanic...We Promise
Edition: Three-disc special edition
Click on “Special Features,” then “Still Galleries,” then “Production Artwork.” Here, you’ll hit the right button on your remote until you see “View Entire Gallery.” Hit the up button two times until there’s a highlighted arrow. Click on the arrow and enjoy Titanic in a much more digestible, 30-second version… with bunnies. It’s a literal play on “Easter Eggs” in one of the last places you’d expect it. (Via

6. Gollum Loses His Cool at the MTV Awards
Movie: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Edition: Special Extended Edition
Go to “Select a Scene” and highlight scene 30. Hit the down button on your remote. “One Ring” will pop up next to “New Scene.” Hit enter, this scene follows. (Via We all know that Gollum was an intense character, but we didn’t realize how fueled with jealousy the little guy was on the acting circuit. Here, Andy Serkis’ speech at the MTV Movie Awards is cut short by the character he voices, and what follows isn’t necessarily for kids, so be cautious—He really, really doesn’t like Dobby from Harry Potter, either.

5. Fight Club’s 10th Anniversary Buyers Get Pranked
Edition 10th Anniversary
Thumbnail image for Fight-Club-Never-Been-Kissed-e1333960346677.jpg
Photo via
It’s not an Easter egg as much as it’s a practical joke on those who seek them (and 10th anniversary editions of beloved films). On the Fight Club 10th Anniversary Edition, all it takes is popping in a disc to make fans of the series panic; You’re immediately met with Drew Barrymore’s blushing grin, the menu is that of Never Been Kissed. Don’t panic, you didn’t get the wrong DVD. Just play the movie from there, it will be okay.

4. The Incredibles: The Sock Puppet Version
Select “Set Up” from main menu, and leave “English” highlighted at the next screen until an icon appears at the top right corner of the screen. Press the up arrow, hit enter. After your hard work, you’ll be rewarded with a new take on animation in the form of a sock puppet show. (Via

3. Final Fantasy Goes All “Thriller” on our DVD Players
From the bonus disc, go to “Highlights” section. From the second page, scroll to the bottom of the screen where you can see up and back arrows. Select the right arrow on the remote, and select the blue box on bottom right corner of the screen. Although many argue this isn’t an “Easter Egg” depending on the blue box’s visibility, the “Spirit” is there. (Thanks to user Fragile)

2. Finally Watch Memento in a Way That Makes Sense
Edition: Disc 2, Limited Edition, Region 1
(Video thanks to Glynreaper08 on YouTube)

Part of Memento’s charm is watching Leonard’s puzzle unfold from the film’s confusing end/beginning, but an Easter Egg planted in the film’s special edition will allow watchers to check out the film play out a little more logically. Follow the directions in the video above to watch a more linear (and less surprising) cut of the film.

1. Yoda Kickstarts His Rap Career
Movie Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
On the first disc, select “Options” and press 1138 (a reference to George LucasTHX 1138. While previous editions in this Star Wars trilogy unlocked outtakes, here we’re left to enjoy a… rapping Yoda?