The Best Hangover Cures, Chosen By 11 Musicians

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It’s the day after Memorial Day. For many of you, that means yesterday was filled with grilling out, good food and, well, maybe you poured a glass or two more than you’d hoped.

But relax, try not to lose your late-night munchies at work just yet. We talked to a few musicians, who are experts on the subject just by the sheer nature of their career choice.

Check out some of the advice below, and let us know if you feel better.

1. Brad Weber (Pick A Piper/Caribou)
What’s the best hangover cure?
Does force feeding myself 3 pints of water before bed count? Otherwise it’s loads of ginger tea, but usually ibuprofen!

How did you discover/perfect it?
 I guess being a teenager? I think I just consume too much ginger and assume it cures everything.

What kind of night is this most useful after?
Beer—>liquor—>beer—>shots. Actually it’s the shots that always destroy me at the night of the night. I really hate them. But someone always has to crack out a round and force you to join in!

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2. Black Prairie
What’s the best hangover cure?
Chris Funk:  Handfuls of blueberries, coconut water, 3 Advil and a Bloody Marry.
Annalisa Tornfelt: Synchronized swimming.

How did you discover/perfect it?
Chris Funk: Loads of touring.
Annalisa Tornfelt: Hours of practicing at the hotel swimming pool.

What kind of night is this most useful after?
Chris Funk: Well, a night of mixing every color of the rainbow of drinks of course.
Annalisa Tornfelt: Scarf dancing. 

3. Dana Falconberry
What’s the best hangover cure?
Morning Pickles! (abbreviated: Mornin’ Picks!)

How did you discover/perfect it?
We had a pretty wild night in Marfa, Texas, after playing the El Cosmico festival. We woke blinded by the desert sun and somehow stumbled to a food cart somewhere in town to have a band meeting with our manager. Our brains were mush, of course, and we couldn’t even open our eyes let alone offer opinions on future touring strategies and whatnot. But then! Someone ordered a sandwich that came with a pickle! Karla (keys, vocals) took a bite of the pickle and immediately felt better! She passed it to Chris (bass, melodica) who took a bite and proceeded to feel better too! We passed it around and had a very coherent and productive meeting. Mornin’ Picks! Since then we have kept a jar in the van cooler for such emergencies.

What kind of night is this most useful after?
?The kind where you drive 10 hours through a rainstorm and then end up in the middle of the West Texas desert and play a show with Robert Plant in the audience (wha??) and then all the tacos backstage have been eaten so you have wine for dinner and then your friends are playing music so you steal someone’s sombrero and dance with strangers and find yourself repeatedly face-first in the mud which is apparently super fun to Drunken You while some of your band mates are naked in hot tubs and eating duck legs in the middle of the festival and the others have set up camp in a teepee offering free relationship advice to a line of festival-goers who leave the teepee in tears and then the sombrero dude finds you and steals his hat back and then after the late-night howl-at-the-moon session you all make it back to your hotel somehow (thanks for the ride Jack) and there is magically a bag of tortilla chips and some salsa in the van that you open with the hunger of a thousand men and eat one chip and then pass out. Mornin’ Picks!

4. Big Deal
What’s the best hangover cure?
We are big believers in ‘the hair of the dog’. There is no  cure for a hangover. You’ve gone too far and you can’t go back, so you just go further. We are both total wimps when it comes to ‘the fear’ so we tend not to drink so much. 

How did you discover/perfect it?
I don’t know that such an endeavour could ever be perfected, but the bloody mary seems to be the winner thus far. We can’t claim discovery for this either, but we aim to put our stamp on it. 

What kind of night is this most useful after?
Most nights.  

5. Josh Krajcik
What’s the best hangover cure?
The best thing to do is sleep in. But in some cases the hair of the dog that bit you is best. A gin fizz is great. You get protein from the egg white and its delicious.

How did you discover/perfect it?
My buddy, Mitch, and I have been experimenting on this very subject for years. I think its safe to say we have it down.

What kind of night is this most useful after?
Well having a hair of the dog is not something you wanna make a habit of, but is useful after big celebrations like weddings, bachelor parties, or New Year’s Eve. And effective.

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