Bill Hader's 15 Best SNL Sketches

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Yesterday Bill Hader announced that he’s leaving Saturday Night Live after eight years on the show, taking with him an irreplaceable collection of characters and impressions.

Hader was a true utility player on SNL, tackling everything from political humor to celebrity impersonations and playing the straight man when necessary. Just last year he was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the show, making him the first male cast member to receive such an honor since Eddie Murphy in 1983.

To pay tribute to his time on the show before it comes to a close this Saturday night, we’re counting down Bill Hader’s best SNL sketches.

15. Milkshakes
This sketch sees Hader as There Will Be Blood’s Daniel Plainview, touring old-timey ice cream shops and soda parlors with his son. It’s basically an excuse to riff on the movie’s famous “I drink your milkshake” line, but we dare you not to laugh out loud when “I’ve abandoned my boy!” gets worked into the mix.

14. Merryville Amusement Park
These macabre animatronic amusement park singers are all extremely creepy, but there’s something about Hader’s sinister grin that gets us every time.

13. British Movie
Hader trots out his finest, most indecipherable British accent in this trailer for an action flick from across the pond.

12. Vincent Price
Bill Hader’s always excelled at retro impressions (see also: his James Mason, his Peter O’Toole, his Peter Falk), but his Vincent Price holiday specials put a twist on the horror-movie actor, imagining him as a hapless host who just can’t seem to get his guests to cooperate.

11. Greg the Alien
Hader brings a great physicality to Greg the Alien, cocking his head and moving in a way that’s definitely not human.

10. Puppet Class
Easily one of the darker sketches to ever air on the show, “Puppet Class” features Hader as grizzled war veteran whose nightmarish memories of combat put a damper on what’s supposed to be a light puppetry class.

9. Various Fake Game Show Hosts
During his time on the show, Hader was the go-to for fake game show hosts, helming sketches like Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney? or It’s A Date. Watch him host “What’s Wrong with Tanya?” below.

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