10 Best Black Friday Deals in Tech This Year

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10 Best Black Friday Deals in Tech This Year

Black Friday is one of the biggest American “holidays” of the year—a shameful, consumeristic one—but one of the biggest nonetheless. There has also been plenty of proof that the best deals don’t always come on Black Friday, which shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. But when it comes to tech, you’ll always be sure to find some really good money-savers for both Christmas gifts and some new gadgets for around the house on the day after Thanksgiving.

From iPads to TVs, if you’re planning on getting up early and getting out to the stores this Friday, here are some amazing deals to check out:

10. $100 iTunes Gift Card for $85 – Best Buy
It’s hard to pass up free money, even if it’s only $15. Consider Christmas shopping done.
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9. GoPro HD Hero3 Action camcorder for $249.99 – Best Buy
The famous mounted action cameras rarely go on sale, so when we saw that these were going for $80 off, we just had to include it. After all, just about everyone has someone on their Christmas shopping list that would love one of these to take on their next outdoor adventure.

8. HTC One 32GB for $29.99 with Verizon contract – Best Buy
One of the best Android phones of the year can be picked up for $170 off its normal price when you renew your contract with Verizon at Best Buy.

7. Microsoft Surface for $199 – Best Buy
Although the Surface 2 that just came out is a big upgrade over last year’s model, its $449 base model price tag is still a little steep. This deal on last year’s Surface makes it cheaper than ever the Nexus 7, perhaps the price it should have been to begin with.

6. Vizio 60” LED Smart TV for $688 – Walmart
If you’re looking for a massive Smart TV this Black Friday, this 60” Vizio is easily your best bet.

5. Seiki 55” 4k TV for $849.99 – Sears
4k TVs still lack the content they need to be must-buy products, but if we see a big push in ultra high-def content next year, you won’t regret picking up this deal, which is the first 4k TV we’ve seen for under $1,000.

4. Playstation 3 250GB Slim The Last of Us Bundle for $199 – Walmart and Kmart
The Playstation 4 and the Xbox One might be where all the hype is, but there are a number of fantastic last-gen console bundles available—this one with $165 in savings and also including Batman: Arkham Origins. You can even pick up Grand Theft Auto V for just 34 bucks.
Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 2.31.07 AM.png

3. iPhone 5c 16GB for $45 (includes a $75 gift card) – Walmart
What is sure to be one of the best-selling Apple products of the year, the colorful iPhone 5c, is originally $100 on contract. In this amazing deal from Walmart, you’ll actually end up getting $30 in free money from Walmart—who would pass that up?

2. iPad Air WiFi-enabled 16GB for $479.99 plus a $100 gift card – Target
While this deal is only $20 off the original price, Apple discounts can be hard to find in retail stores. The $100 Target gift card makes this one of the best deals we could find—so make sure to look for this discount on the newest iPad before it sells out.

1. LG 55” 1080p LED TV for $499.99 – DOORBUSTER Best Buy
This year’s best TV offer is almost too good to be true. Sitting at $950 off, this doorbuster deal is one of those discounts that only comes around one time each year. You’ll have to get up early for this one, but if you can track one down, your wallet will be happy for the next couple of years.

_Luke Larsen is the tech editor at Paste Magazine. You can follow him on the tweets at @lalarsen11 and all things technology at @paste_tech._