The 30 Best Covers of Rolling Stones Songs

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The 30 Best Covers of Rolling Stones Songs

The Rolling Stones may not get covered by other bands as much as The Beatles, but they’re not far off. Their songs have been recorded more than 500 times on various albums, but we’ve narrowed that output down to our 30 favorites. No artist was allowed to appear more than once on this list, and we only picked our the best version of each song (with one notable exception at #1).

30. Beatles – I Wanna Be Your Man
If this song was the battleground where the Beatles vs. Stones war was waged, then the Stones would be the clear winners, giving it a little more grit. Still, it’s a fun little song in the hands of the Fab Four.

29. Phish – Loving Cup
Trey Anastasio’s jam outfit waited until they had a baby grand for Page McConnell to break this song out on tour in 1993. It’s been an off-and-on staple for the band over the years.

28. U2 – Paint It Black
This song has been covered by The Feelies, R.E.M., Echo & The Bunnymen and tons of others, but we’re going with the dark strangeness of the U2 cover from the Achtung Baby Deluxe Edition. We also love this Grace Potter version.

27. The Corrs – Ruby Tuesday
Ron Wood actually joined the Irish band for this live cut recorded in Dublin. The siblings’ harmonies add a nice depth to the song.

26. Lindsey Buckingham – I Am Waiting
With finger-picked acoustic guitar, Lindsey Buckingham almost whisper-sings this Aftermath track for his 2006 solo album, Under the Skin, on which the former Fleetwood Mac singer/guitarist plays almost all the instruments.

25. Billy Bragg – She Smiled Sweetly
With Bragg’s vocals way up front in the mix, the lyrics of this deep cut from Between the Buttons—about letting go of your worries—get a chance to shine.

24. Rage Against The Machine – Street Fighting Man
With the help of producer Rick Rubin, Rage took on some unexpected covers on their 2000 album Renegades, from Eric B. & Rakim to Devo to this Rolling Stones cut, drenching it all in heavy riffs.

23. Golden Smog – Backstreet Girl
The very first thing Minneapolis super-group Golden Smog recorded was a five-song covers EP On Golden Smog. Founding members Dan Murphy (Soul Asylum), Gary Louris (The Jayhawks), Marc Perlman, Kraig Johnson and Chris Mars (The Replacements) put a slow-country tinge on “Backstreet Girl.”

22. Tori Amos – Angie
The 1992 EP single for her hit “Crucify” included this stripped down cover of the Stones’ ballad “Angie” with just vocals and piano. Also check out Welsh rockers Sterophonics acoustic power-ballad version.

21. Mekons – Heart of Stone
Even with a countrified “Heart of Stone,” The Mekons keep the spirit of the original alive.