The 20 Best Musician Instagram Accounts of 2013

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The 20 Best Musician Instagram Accounts of 2013

A social medium that naturally lends itself to artful contribution, Instagram has become the perfect place for musicians to share snippets of their private lives alongside more artful encounters in the studio and on the street. Although there are thousands of musicians that are likely worth a follow, here are our favorite musician Instagram accounts for 2013. Don’t see your favorite? Let us know who we missed in the comments (or tell your favorite artists to start including more puppies or something).

20. Lucius – @ilovelucius
From goofy thrift store finds to airport selfies, following this up-and-coming band is a glimpse into life on the road with a silly (and outfit-coordinating) group of buds.

lucius-insta2.jpg luciusinsta3.jpg

19. Rayland Baxter – @raylandishere
Baxter’s rustic views and regular vinyl posts offer a glimpse into his day-to-day life that makes for a perfect visual to his vivid lyrics.

rayland-insta.jpg rayland-insta2.jpg

18. Pearl Jam – @pearljamofficial
Between professional live shots, setlists and #TBT’s, Pearl Jam strikes an intimate balance with their account.

17. Diarrhea Planet – @diarrheaplanet
Don’t be fooled by the handle: this planet is mostly just filled with funny sketches, live shots and guitars. No diarrhea… yet.

16. Bethany Cosentino / Best Coast – @bscbscbsc
Bethany Cosentino’s Instagram account is exactly what you’d expect from the lo-fi rocker, a grainy collection of cats and kitsch.

bestcoast-leggings.jpg bestcoastinsta1.jpg