11 Great Impressions by Saturday Night Live Hosts

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An impression is a duty that typically falls to a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live, but every now and then, the show gets blessed with a host who’s game to poke fun at a fellow celebrity and talented enough to pull it off. The show returns from its holiday hiatus tomorrow night, and we’ll have to wait until then to see if host Drake will fall into that category, but in the meantime, here are some of our favorite impressions by SNL hosts.

One quick caveat: We’ve barred former cast members from this list, so Tina Fey’s legendary Sarah Palin impression, for example, is ineligible.

11. Tom Hanks as Dennis Miller
Proof that all impressions are funnier when the person being mocked is in the room and in on the joke. Sure, Hanks’ Miller might not be as strong as Dana Carvey’s, but what he lacks in precision he makes up for with attitude and some spot-on Dennis Miller body language.

10. Anne Hathaway as Katie Holmes
This spoof of The Ellen Show is mostly an excuse to showcase Kate McKinnon’s phenomenal Ellen DeGeneres impression, but Anne Hathaway caught us all off-guard with her surprisingly great send-up of Katie Holmes. Her impression hit a little too close to home, perhaps, for Holmes, who reportedly wasn’t amused by it.

9. Edward Norton as Owen Wilson
This one’s a fairly recent performance, taken from this season’s Halloween episode. Norton (who appeared in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom as well as the upcoming The Grand Budapest Hotel) plays frequent Anderson collaborator Owen Wilson in a sketch imagining a horror film directed by the auteur, and—forgive the murder pun—it’s dead-on.

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