11 Great Impressions by Saturday Night Live Hosts

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8. John Goodman as Linda Tripp
Sometimes a great impression isn’t about accuracy. Much of the humor from John Goodman’s frequent appearances as Linda Tripp during the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal stemmed from the fact that Goodman basically threw on a wig and kept his normal speaking voice to portray the former White House staffer.

7. Jon Hamm as Robin Williams
The best SNL hosts are often the ones you’d least expect to be funny, and that’s certainly the case with Jon Hamm. When he first hosted in 2008, he was mostly known as the serious-as-a-heart-attack Don Draper, but he proved he’s got comedy chops and has returned to the show seven times since then (two as host, five cameos). His spot-on Robin Williams is just further evidence of what we all now know to be indisputable fact: Jon Hamm’s hilarious.

6. David Duchovny as Jeff Goldblum
At first, we’re led to believe Duchovny’s Goldblum impression in this early “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch is going to be mostly a physical one, but then he opens his mouth and his Goldblum voice is equally great. Unfortunately no embeddable video of it seems to exist, so head over here to watch it.


5. Mick Jagger as Keith Richards
The Glimmer Twins have spent the past 50 years bickering, so having Mick Jagger—who wasn’t technically the host of this episode, but musical guest is close enough for the purposes of this list—poke fun at his bandmate as well as at himself (played by Mike Myers) in a Point-Counterpoint segment is a perfect move. He even gets to utter the words “Mick, you ignorant slut.”

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