10 Inventive Ways to Use Beer

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10 Inventive Ways to Use Beer

This title may come as a bit of shock, but people can use beer for activities other than drinking. Although ingesting it may be our favorite way to use beer, we’ve compiled a list of several different ways to use beer in our daily lives. Get ready to utilize all that left over Christmas beer you’ve been storing in your fridge.

1. Use Beer As A Hair Wash
Yes, beer goes in your belly, but you can also put it on your head. Using beer as a hair wash is supposed to make your hair shinier and more voluminous. Your hair may end up smelling a lot like a college party, but it might be worth it. Plus you can use any kind you want. Have old beer laying around you don’t want to drink? Let your thirsty hair soak it in. Watch the video (with loud auto-playing audio) at Refinery29.

2. Stain Removal
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Maybe you were drinking a cup of coffee when you spilled it onto your lush carpet. No problem, pour some beer on it. According to Good Houskeeping beer is a great alternative to chemical products. Let the beer soak into the rug and the stain and leave it to sit. Take towel and dab up the wretched stain and wash with soap and water and your stain will be gone.

3. Fertilize Your Plants
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Your plants get thirsty for a drink too. Beer is a great fertilizer for your gardens and household plants. Usually best carried out with a flat beer, the sugars in the beverage help make your gardens grow vast and green.

4. Killing Slugs
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No one likes to have slugs overrun their garden, so why not give them something to drink? If you are desperate enough, pour a little beer into a bowl that they can crawl into. They will instantly be drawn to the smell of yeast and make their way to the source. Your slug worries will be over!

5. Take A Beer Bath
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While pouring yourself a tall cold one, let some flow into your bathtub and enjoy the aroma and bubbles soaking in your skin. Similar to wine, there are some antioxidant properties in beer that will leave your skin looking great.

6. Cooking
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Beer is a great marinade for all types of meats, leaving the cut tender without impeding the flavor of the meat. Adding beer into stews, chilis, and basters will also help enhance the flavor of the meal. However you go about cooking with beer, try not to drink too much of your marinade.

7. Fix A Stomachache
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If your stomach hurts, drinking beer may not be the first thing you think of. However, the carbonation in the beer can help sooth your ailing tummy, similar to drinking a ginger ale or sprite when your get the rumbles. According to an interview in Men’s Health, Dr. Alexander says, “I’ve never seen a true medical study supporting this, but I have patients tell me it works.” Next time you get an ache, reach in the fridge and pop one open.

8. Helping You Sleep
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It has been said that if you wash your pillowcase in beer the material will absorb the smell of hops and make you fall asleep faster. This one is an old wives tale, but there has to be something to it because Gregg Smith, author of The Beer Drinker’s Bible, states that women come into his brewery to buy hops and “they sew it into pillows…the smell of it is supposed to be a sleep aid, especially for colicky babies. “I’ve never tried it, but we get enough requests that there must be something to it,” Smith writes.

9. Build A House Of Beer
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This one doesn’t have you using the actual beer, but the recycled beer bottles. Many homes are appearing with beer bottles built into the outsides of their walls. Not only is it a savvy recycling technique, makes for a crafty looking home too.

10. Make Fluffy Batter

If you want to make your breakfast pancakes fluffy, add in beer where it calls for milk or water. They come out like little breakfast pillows with a delicious new flavor. The bubbles in the beer and the yeast help to raise the pancakes making them airy and thick. Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself.